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Weekend Update

Lately I feel like all of the shopping I’ve been doing has been the torturous kind, where I look at beautiful sleek summer dresses, order them, wait for them to arrive, only for them not to get past my belly. So today I wanted to share some of the more practical shopping I’ve been doing.

I pretty much live in flats these days, and since I’ve been trying to get myself to walk more, that means I’m in my trainers….a lot. I recently was on a quest to find some nice leather ones, and wanted to share two of the bigger successes. This Nike pair had a larger/chunkier sole than I thought…but it’s super comfortable as a result while still very airy due to the holes (so it’s not too hot for summer!). And, they bring back fond memories of elementary school when all I really wanted in the whole world was a pair of Nike trainers with air bubbles on the bottom.

The famous Common Projects pair was of course much sleeker and also more comfortable than I thought…and though I slightly prefer the solid leather version to the perforated, I just thought the latter would be a bit more aerated for the summer months.

Both are great options for anyone looking for a cool pair of leather trainers that are still quite chic for city walking!


2. I remember reading about the story of Saudi princess Maha’s brazen escape attempts from the Shangri La when it first occurred, and remember being fascinated and wanting to learn more. So I was very happy to find this article about the princess and her exploits in the latest Vanity Fair. I hope she finds her happiness. Continue Reading

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Interview with Dana Thomas

Today’s interview is with someone that I’m sure quite a few of you are familiar with – Dana Thomas, author of the book  Deluxe: How Luxury Lost Its Luster. Dana is a New York Times bestselling author, WSJ. contributing…