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Reader Stories: Luxury Customer Service

Every once in a while I’ll receive a message from a reader about a bad experience in a luxury shop – the snooty salesperson, the uncaring manager, the security guard who follows you around like a hound dog while you simply browse. Its always disappointing to hear these anecdotes – while one can find bad service at any type of store – discount to luxury – with a higher price tag usually comes some expectation of service.

I’ve written a little bit about my own great and not-so-great experiences shopping in department stores, and today I thought I’d share a few stories from two readers – Belle and Rosita – who were kind enough to relay their own experiences at luxury boutiques. Both of these women are seasoned luxury consumers, who regularly travel to and shop all over the world, so I was eager to hear their stories. I thought these shopping snippets were fascinating (and sometimes hilarious), and I hope you do too. I’d also love to hear any of your surprising customer service experiences with luxury brands!

Goyard family

Rosita’s Goyard collection

Rosita’s Story #1: Throwing Off Inventory
Store: Goyard – Printemps , Paris

In Saturday, April 18, 2015 I visited the Goyard boutique in Printemps Paris and met with the Manager Willem. I purchased two Senat PM pouches, one black, one blue. I also purchased a St. Louis PM and had it customized. I paid for these items in two separate transactions, because I was leaving with the Senat but the tote would be shipped to me in the US when completed. On Saturday evening when I was compiling my detax forms, I noticed that I was charged the same price for both the Black and the Blue Senat, whereas the Black was supposed to be €120 less that the blue. I was flying out on Sunday morning so I did not contact Willem until Monday morning from the US. Willem said, “Yes, I remember you and I did realize the mistake at the end of the day, I threw off my inventory.”

So I asked if he could credit my Amex? No, he could not. Could he send me another color one and charge me the black price? No, he could not. He did suggest I give my credit card to a friend who might be coming to Paris in the next week so he could do a credit since he needed the physical card in order to a refund. I asked if I could have a credit on account since I would be back in a few months, no, I could not, was his response. He had no resolution and acted like it was no big deal.

In October 2015, I again visited the Goyard boutique in Printemps Paris. Willem was out to lunch but when I spoke to another sales associate and told him about the experience in April, he said, “Yes, I remember, it threw off our inventory!” I asked if I could possibly have an adjustment to the St Louis GM I was about to purchase and he responded “No, that would throw off the inventory”.  I Hope you are laughing about now, because I can’t stop every time I tell this story. Continue Reading


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