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Cost Per Wear Review: Dress Edition

Continuing on my cost per wear series, I thought I’d write about one of the types of clothing which I particularly utilize a lot of during the summer months – dresses. I love dresses and will totally take a dress over a top + skirt any day. I just think they’re so much easier…pop it on and you have your whole outfit! Plus I don’t think anything can beat a trapeze dress for comfort.

So, I took a look at my wardrobe and pulled out some of my most – and least worn pieces. Here we go!

Dresses 1

Lowest (best) cost per wear: Equipment, Gap, Zara dresses. I wear these types of simple shift and shirt dresses in cotton and silk several times a week at least, especially in spring/summer and early fall (the perks of living in the California!).  Because of this, dresses have to be machine washable (for my Equipment silk ones, I just wash on delicate cycle and then air dry), and comfortable to wear all day with no confining zippers, etc.

Simple, machine washable dresses in easy fabrics means that I usually end up going with less expensive brands without a lot of adornments and fancy fabrics – but of course I wear them the most! My cost per wear on some of my Gap dresses are well under $1 by now. Continue Reading

Closet 101 Style

Cost Per Wear: Handbag Edition

Continuing on my cost per wear series, today I’d like to share some of my best and worst cost per wears in the category of….handbags.  Yes…I have a lot of bags. They’re a terrible addiction for me. But honestly,…

Closet 101 Style

Cost Per Wear Review: Shoe Edition

I mention the term “cost per wear” sometimes on this blog – well actually quite often, so apologies if you’re all sick of hearing the term. I’ve been doing some light house cleaning lately, getting rid of a few more items,…