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Reader Question: On Wallets

Today I’m doing my best to answer a reader question, from the lovely S. I’ve pasted an excerpt from her email, below:

I was wondering if you can do a post on wallets? High-end, mid-range, inexpensive, doesn’t matter! Do you have one wallet you use to death or do you have different wallets for different purposes, ie to go with different bags? Was wondering if you thought wallets were worth the splurge (resale value) or is it a better idea to save towards a bag?

I love wallets, but unlike with other categories of my wardrobe (sadly bags, jewelry and shoes), I generally only buy what I really need and then I’m done. Here are the three wallets that I basically switch between, starting from oldest to newest (with my summary comments in bold).

1. Hermes Bearn.

via Hermes

via Hermes

The Bearn is my favorite wallet that Hermes makes, although to be fair I haven’t done serious wallet shopping there for years (except for some brief glances at the Silk-In models…I’ll be back to take a longer look). My dad bought me the little turquoise Bearn above in 2006/2007, which means it’s almost eight years old! I used it basically 24/7 until maybe three or four years ago, when it needed a trip to the Hermes “spa” and I was presented with a bill for $300. After that I was more careful with it and alternated it with other wallets.

I love my turquoise Bearn because it reminds me of my dad, and it’s a fun bit of color to add to my usually neutral bags. However, I would advise that it is a tad delicate. It will show use over time, especially in lighter colors. I think the Bearn now is around $2,500.

If you love beautiful leather goods, are a fan of Hermes, and are okay with the wear, I’d highly recommend the Bearn. However, if you are looking for that “one” wallet that will last you years, and you aren’t the most careful with your leather items? I would recommend that you look at other options first.  Continue Reading

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