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Weekend Update

Here are some updates from me, from the last few weeks….!

1. Vanity Fair is one of my favorite magazines. In anticipation of their cover story on Gwyneth Paltrow which I have been eagerly waiting for (who doesn’t like a good expose?), I found a few of my favorite older articles they’ve done. Here’s a very fascinating article about a still ongoing scandal here in Silicon Valley: Sex, Lies and Lawsuits.

2. My favorite and super duper comfortable new top is by Splendid. It’s so soft and has a beautiful drape, and has become the tee I put on for work when I’m having an especially grumpy morning. It should be noted however, that the black is slightly see through, a fact I discovered when I took a picture of it on so I could show it worn! So unfortunately, no photo of  me wearing it but you can see it worn here. I think without flash photography you would probably be fine wearing the top without a camisole underneath.

Splendid Drapey Dolman

Splendid Dolman Top (in black, red, gray), on sale in gray here

3. I have recently become obsessed with Lisa Elridge’s makeup channel – she is so gorgeous it is really truly unfair, and she has great tutorials. Plus, she is a big supporter of my favorite eyebrow pencil in the world – Lingering by MAC. I have to have at least two on hand (one in my handbag, one backup at home) at any given time, and freaked out in Bali when I realized I had left one at home.

4. For anyone out there who is or who has thought about working on a creative project, the book The War of Art was actually very inspiring for me. I never would have picked up a book like this, but it was a gift from a former colleague and I couldn’t put it down. Some of it veers on the “hippie dippie” side but overall a very good read if you’re feeling creatively challenged.

5. For you Collette Dinnigan fans out there – I was super sad to learn that she is closing down her line. Collette Dinnigan has always been one of my favorite designers (okay, I only own two pieces – but one was my senior prom dress!). I haven’t been able to find her main line in the U.S. for probably more than a decade now. You can shop her diffusion line, Collette, at Net-A-Porter – I’m not sure if that line will also going to be shuttered.


Have a wonderful weekend!