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Weekend Update

1. I recently shared these Cole Haan sandals as part of a sale PSA (they’re currently 33% off!), but I thought I would share my own picture of them as well.

I bought these as a casual sandal that I could get away with as a “work” sandal, and they’ve been perfect. They have enough height to make a difference, but are comfortable enough that I can wear them all day and run around the office. I would call them a sandal version of the Ferragamo Vara pump, my go to closed toe comfortable work shoe.

The espadrille wedge and rubber sole adds more comfort in my opinion. I can see these lasting through several summers of very heavy wear.

2. Someone sent me this article awhile ago, and I’ve had it bookmarked in Chrome for years. I finally clicked on it while cleaning out all my old shopping links (I know others out there must suffer from shopping bookmark clutter), and printed it out. There’s a lot of great recipes and all perfect for summer! Summer Express: 101 Simple Meals via the NY Times. Continue Reading

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