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Coco Before Chanel: The Wardrobe

Today’s wardrobe recap is on a movie which I only just watched recently – Coco Before Chanel, starring Audrey Tatou. When I first watched the movie, I assumed I wouldn’t have the opportunity to do a wardrobe recap as I had read reviews that this was definitely not a movie about “fashion”. However, this was still a movie about Coco, who as we all know had incredible style.


Please note that this movie is yes, Coco before she became “Chanel” – so most of what you see is of her early life, as she’s beginning to define her formative style. It was amazing to see how many of her early looks are still relevant today. I thought the movie was very inspiring – her life, her conviction, and yes, her style. Enjoy!

Our first look with Coco – here in her part time day job as a seamstress. Hmm, I wonder where that leads to?

Coco Before Chanel 1

Next, Coco in her full “traveling” outfit. I love the hat she wears, and you see it throughout the film. So refreshing, especially once you realize that during those times most women were wearing giant, jeweled feathery things on their heads!

Coco Before Chanel 2 Coco Before Chanel 4

Next, a quick shot of her nightgown in bed. Isn’t it simple and chic? Makes me want to buy one of my own and lounge around in it all day, especially come summertime.

Coco Before Chanel 5

Next, austere in a perfectly pleated blouse. Continue Reading