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Closet Cleanout: Fall 2015

I really enjoyed reading the comments and messages after my post about some of the bags which have left my closet. Hearing about other’s experiences and thoughts was really interesting and fun! To that end, I thought I’d share some of the process I go through on a regular basis when doing my “closet clean outs” – and how I decide what stays and what goes. I hope to make this a seasonal series, since that’s usually when I do some wardrobe culling.

YKei Top

1. Y & Kei blouse. I bought this blouse I want to say….a little under ten years ago, and I think from Barneys. I loved super feminine pieces at the time and just thought it was beautiful. There are so many lovely details on this top. And, I remember feeling super proud because I saw a photo of Nicole Richie (in her Rachel Zoe days) wearing the same one, ha! For those reasons I’ve kept this blouse for a while…but haven’t worn it in a year or more, and before that was only wearing it once a year or so.

Verdict? Going…it’s gorgeous but not as much my style anymore. 

Burberry Black

2. Burberry trench. This was purchased on sale from the Burberry San Francisco store. It was more than 50% off I think, and I liked that it was single breasted (I sometimes find single easier to wear than the classic double breasted style). It’s a super classic style and item. For some reason though, I’ve barely worn this trench. Maybe it’s because the gold buttons are so prominent – so I feel like I can’t wear silver items as easily with it. And the belt actually has quite a heavy buckle – it clangs when I walk!

Verdict? I’m keeping it for one more year and then if I don’t wear it, it’s going. I suspect it’s one of those “basic” items that you think you’ll get tons of wear out of, but don’t.  Continue Reading