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My Favorite Wedding Photographs

Greetings from California! I landed yesterday night and was so happy to be home. The first thing I did was have a bowl of good pho soup, I really feel like Boston is lacking in this department or perhaps I just don’t know the right places to go.

Today I wanted to write about wedding photographers since they are such an important choice for a wedding. It was very difficult for me to choose mine. It’s probably one of the few aspects of my wedding that I have really agonized over. For me I am very picky about photography and it was important that there were photos in each artist’s portfolio that I related to and loved. Plus I tend to think a lot of things are cheesy. I want to share some of my favorite wedding photographs with you.

 photos by: Elizabeth Messina, Jose Villa, Christian Oth, Lisa Lefkowitz

I ended up booking one of these photographers for my wedding this summer. Honestly I would be happy to have even one photograph as lovely as any of these.

Have a lovely Saturday!