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Weekend Update

1. All right, by this time we’ve all seen pictures (or the real thing) of Christian Louboutin’s Rouge nail color right?

Yes, the price ($50) is crazy. My current theory is that Mr. Louboutin is friends with the Chanel Beauty people and have entered into a conspiracy to make Chanel nail polish prices ($25) appear reasonable.

As a nail polish fan, I would never consider forking over the $50. As someone who works in product for their day job however, I have become more and more intrigued by this polish. The design, materials, and packaging are all perfection. A part of me wants to pay the $50 just to marvel at the whole product package.

What do you all think about this polish?

2. Somehow I randomly came across this NY Times article from a few years back (2011) by the talented Alex Kuczynski, discussing the “undercover luxury” trend, particularly in clothing. I feel like this trend is still going on today somewhat, though it seems like the mood is shifting to more ebulliance a bit. Anyway, the article makes for an interesting fashion read, plus mentions Marie Antoinette – always an interesting combination for me.

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