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Weekend Update

1. All right, by this time we’ve all seen pictures (or the real thing) of Christian Louboutin’s Rouge nail color right?

Yes, the price ($50) is crazy. My current theory is that Mr. Louboutin is friends with the Chanel Beauty people and have entered into a conspiracy to make Chanel nail polish prices ($25) appear reasonable.

As a nail polish fan, I would never consider forking over the $50. As someone who works in product for their day job however, I have become more and more intrigued by this polish. The design, materials, and packaging are all perfection. A part of me wants to pay the $50 just to marvel at the whole product package.

What do you all think about this polish?

2. Somehow I randomly came across this NY Times article from a few years back (2011) by the talented Alex Kuczynski, discussing the “undercover luxury” trend, particularly in clothing. I feel like this trend is still going on today somewhat, though it seems like the mood is shifting to more ebulliance a bit. Anyway, the article makes for an interesting fashion read, plus mentions Marie Antoinette – always an interesting combination for me.

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My Most Worn Shoes

A reader (hello LM!) recently asked me what pair of shoes I wear the most, and how often I’ve worn them. Right away I knew the answer: my Louboutin Simple pumps. I bought my first pair, in plain black leather, back in 2009 and I’ve worn them to the ground! They’ve been to the cobbler multiple times and have taken me through a slight snow storm in Boston, a huge downpour in Moscow, dreadful days navigating multiple casinos in Las Vegas during CES, and more.

I love them and wear them on average probably twice a week. Just look at my black pair! You can definitely see that the leather has been loved and worn.

Louboutin Simple 85

Louboutin Simple 85 pumps (in black leather, and patent nude)

After responding to LM’s email, I realized that I did wear these shoes an incredible amount and so recently added another pair in an easy color, pinkish nude, to my closet. I know that Louboutin offers more scintillating styles with higher heels and vampier cuts (like my favorite evening pump, the Decollete), but seriously for me nothing beats the Simple for comfort. I’ve tried other brands both high and low and these are my favorite. The 85mm heel height is my favorite as well, the right balance of a good enough height while still feeling good at the end of a long work day. I know some women claim that the 100mm is just as comfortable, but those extra 15mm make a difference for me!

What are the heeled shoes that you wear the most, they can take you through a long day with your feet still feeling good?

PS: The best and closest show I’ve found to the Simple at a much more friendly price point (~$130) have been the Corso Como Del pumps – the patent versions are always a nice option but I’ve experienced inconsistent leather quality. Their regular leather pumps have all worn well for me.


Interview with Blondie Luxe

This week’s interview is with a lady who I am happy to introduce to you all today – the fabulous Blondie, of Blondie Luxe. I’ve had more than a few requests to interview Blondie, which is no surprise as she has fabulous style, reflected in her jaw-dropping closet and beautiful home! Blondie not only has wonderful taste, but is also  intelligent and conscientious, ambitious, and a huge wanderlust. Enjoy meeting her!

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Who are you? What do you do, and where do you live? 

I am a twenty-something blonde bookworm who is addicted to fashion, travel, family and my pup Munchkin. I enjoy nights in with a good book and a glass of wine more than a night out partying, and above all I love learning! I graduated Summa Cum Laude from my university and did not miss one day of class, as missing out on an opportunity to learn more makes me anxious (my constant striving for perfection is both a character strenth and flaw!). I work a lot, in a very unglamorous field of finance, but it is challenging and ever-changing. If I could, I would check out for six months and roam around Europe or Asia. So, if anyone wants to roam with me, I am always up for it! It is very hard to find a good travel buddy with similar interests.

I am extremely close with my family and select wonderful friends scattered across the country. Starbucks, salsa and macarons are my guilty pleasures, and I am always trying to discover new full-bodied, spicy and unique wines; they are my favorite.


You’re a big traveler. What are some of your favorite destinations? 

My favorite places are Paris and Madrid. I enjoy them best when I am doing nothing touristy, but instead just having lazy afternoons getting lost in the city and taking photographs. As much as a trip to paradise lounging on the beach would relax me, I prefer city life and excitement. I could get lost in the Louvre for weeks if I had the time! On my next trip to Paris I would like to take an interior design antique tour and find some unique treasures within the city. This spring I would also love to make it back to into the Loire Valley. One of my fondest trips was roaming the area staying at a different French chateau every night. The landscape is gorgeous and magical.


You have an absolutely beautiful home. Can you share some details behind how you transformed it from bare bones to what it is today?

You are very sweet to say that! It means a lot when people like my place as it is my first attempt ever to make a house a home. Prior to moving here, I would only stay in a place for a year or less, so there was no need to invest in nice pieces that may not have translated from space to space. So I basically lived in an IKEA catalog with a couple Target pieces scattered about. The big shift in my mind happened when I determined I was going to stay here for awhile. Continue Reading

Interview Money

Interview with Heather

I have dedicated many a post on this blog to my love of beautiful items. I love nice bags, shoes, clothes, jewelry (the list goes on) and it’s an interest that unfortunately for my wallet, isn’t going anywhere. That said, there have definitely been more than a few times where I wish that I would have been more careful in choosing and acquiring items. I’ve definitely gotten “obsessed” over items or designers, and now that we’re in the market for a house, wish that I had just kept the money instead. Just last night actually I woke up to a sudden nightmarish thought – just how much had I paid for that Chanel cardigan and jacket hanging in my closet? I love them of course…but my wallet screams!

Months ago I featured an interview with Naomi, who detailed her struggles with luxury goods and credit card debt, and how she ultimately worked her way out of debt. Heather’s story has some similarities but also major differences, and I wanted to feature her story here. Heather was kind enough to open up and share the good, bad and ugly of her experiences with luxury goods. You’ll see that she is smart, funny (just wait until you read her life advice) kind, and compassionate. Plus how adorable is her photo below? Enjoy meeting Heather!

Heather and her rescue dog, Dakota

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