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As Seen On Screen

Have you ever seen an item on TV, a movie, (or lets be honest – a celebrity in US Weekly) – and just had to have it? Become obsessed? Felt nothing for the item on the hanger, but when worn on someone familiar, in action – were hit by fashion lust?

I remember the first time I really liked something I saw on a celebrity – it was a little Juicy dress that was worn by Jessica Simpson on MTV Newlyweds (I know, I’m really dating myself here). I don’t even remember what it looked like (I think it was bright green?) but I do remember that it was by Juicy Couture, and that I later found it on eBay, only to see the price at something like $400. I guess a bunch of other people had seen the same episode! And my Juicy dream ended right then and there.


I first saw this Chanel jacket in the boutique as a new arrival in mid 2014. It was part of the Paris Dallas collection, and it was my favorite item out of everything I saw. I put it as #1 on my wishlist, but was quickly talked down by the sales associate, who said that it wasn’t a “classic” jacket. There was no tweed, and it wasn’t the classic silhouette, she said. Continue Reading


Spring 2015: Sale Update

Designer sale season is winding down, and apart from one pair of Jimmy Choos which seem to be taking the long scenic route across the country to arrive to me, I’ve pretty much received everything I ordered. This spring I…


Spring 2014: Sale Update

Today I thought I would share with you all some of my recent larger sale purchases – both the duds and winners! I’ve been busy the last few months and haven’t had a lot of time to physically go to…


Interview with J – Part Two

Hi everybody! I hope you enjoyed meeting J yesterday. Today is part two with some more beautiful Chanel and Lanvin goodies and a ton of great insights from J. I especially found her thoughts  on the differences between United…