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The Chanel Boy Bag

Since publishing this post, I’ve received quite a lot of requests about where to find a caviar Boy. To the best of my knowledge, the bag isn’t being currently made by Chanel – however, your best chance may be at here at Fashionphile (though the prices can be high).

Today I’ll be reviewing a recent purchase of mine – the Chanel Boy bag, in black caviar leather. I know that many of you like really detailed reviews, so I’ve tried to be as thorough as possible.

Chanel Boy Box

Even though I’ve always admired them on others, I never thought I’d end up with a Chanel Boy for myself. I just didn’t feel the “must have it” draw to them, so I happily just window shopped these bags while my wallet stayed nice and safe.

However, a little while ago I ended up falling in love with a Chanel Boy from the Paris-Dallas collection. I know that this particular season wasn’t a favorite by many, but I love Westerns (hello, Lonesome Dove!) and thus really enjoyed this collection with its great details like the sheriff star and American flag. I ordered a bag to be mailed to me, but when I opened it, it was pretty beat up. I was so disappointed! By that time though, I had fallen in love with the style.  I thought that the Boy would be the perfect, versatile every day bag to use cross body when needed. When I saw that the fall season would have a sturdy caviar option, it was game over!

Chanel Boy Black Caviar Leather


And here we go – my first Chanel Boy bag! The material is a sturdy black caviar (the same as what you find on the classic flaps). The hardware is ruthenium (a distressed metal, darker than silver). My sales associate referred to this size as the “old” medium. Dimensions in inches: 9.8 x 5.9 x 3.

Here I wanted to share some details of what a brand new version should look like with original stickers, though I’m not sure if all new bags would have these on. In my opinion the ruthenium metal is pretty “vintage” looking so I wouldn’t have minded if my bag came without stickers.

Chanel Boy Black Stickers

Some details – in my experience the lock (you just push on the two sides and then lift the flap) has been very easy to use.

Chanel Boy Locked

The side loop and adjustable strap. Since I’m a shortie, I’ve never adjusted the strap to be longer. Continue Reading