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As Seen On Screen

Have you ever seen an item on TV, a movie, (or lets be honest – a celebrity in US Weekly) – and just had to have it? Become obsessed? Felt nothing for the item on the hanger, but when worn on someone familiar, in action – were hit by fashion lust?

I remember the first time I really liked something I saw on a celebrity – it was a little Juicy dress that was worn by Jessica Simpson on MTV Newlyweds (I know, I’m really dating myself here). I don’t even remember what it looked like (I think it was bright green?) but I do remember that it was by Juicy Couture, and that I later found it on eBay, only to see the price at something like $400. I guess a bunch of other people had seen the same episode! And my Juicy dream ended right then and there.


I first saw this Chanel jacket in the boutique as a new arrival in mid 2014. It was part of the Paris Dallas collection, and it was my favorite item out of everything I saw. I put it as #1 on my wishlist, but was quickly talked down by the sales associate, who said that it wasn’t a “classic” jacket. There was no tweed, and it wasn’t the classic silhouette, she said. Continue Reading


Favorite Indulgences

Since it’s been so dreary lately where I am, today I thought I’d share with you some of my own favorite indulgences. I try to be reasonable in most areas of my life (though it sometimes feels like my credit card bill tells a different story). There are a few things though, that I love and which over the years I’ve allowed myself to indulge in. Here are some of mine…and I’d love to hear yours!

Christofle Trays

Christofle silver trays. I love Christofle silver and in my dream life, I’d have an entire serving set of Christofle flatware and plates, and while I’m dreaming, let’s throw in some some killer Georg Jensen pieces too! Christofle makes really beautiful home and jewelry items – the craftsmanship and materials are always supreme.

Since I currently inhabit real life, I make do for now with some Christofle silver trays, which I have a small collection of. Pictured here are some of my trays from Vertigo collection – I adore the work of Andrée Putman, and this is one of her classic designs. My favorite trays are the small ones – I use mine every day to store my tea cups on, to avoid staining our counter tops. The letter sized trays are perfect for a tea mug or espresso cup and some chocolates on the side. A practical little luxury! Continue Reading


Favorites of 2015

It’s almost the year end, so before it’s too late, I decided to put together my favorites of 2015. As I was writing this post, I realized that many of my picks were from the second half of the year. But I guess that makes sense, as I was pregnant for the first eight months of 2015…and sad to say, I would happy to never see most of my maternity items ever again (although one of the favorite items I wore, this Free People embroidered maxi, is now 65% off). Here we go!


1. Chanel Spring 2015 jacket . This is one of my favorite jacket purchases ever. I was hesitant at first since I thought it was more of a business style (it was also sold as a suit and skirt set). However, the zipper makes it a little younger I feel…and the slightly cropped sleeves. The material is classic Chanel, but isn’t too delicate of a tweed weave (some of the Lesage fabrics, as gorgeous as they are, look like they might fall apart if you just sneeze close to them). And, it’s quite comfortable. Chanel ready to wear is so expensive that I always am a little apprehensive…but I’m really happy with this one.

2. Free People lace trim tunic. Doesn’t look like much, but so easy to layer over leggings and to pair with a little cardigan. I will say that I only wear this as a top. I do not wear this as a dress under any circumstances…I am not shaped like a Hadid sister (unfortunately). It’s a little bit more feminine than the oversized shirts I’ve been wearing mostly over leggings, yet just as comfortable. It’s one of those items that doesn’t stand out immediately in the closet, but I’ll always find myself wearing at least once per week. Continue Reading

Closet 101 Style

Wardrobe Inspiration – The Chanel Jacket

For those in the United States, I hope you all had a great holiday weekend! I had a nice time relaxing and seeing friends and family. I also ordered some last minute baby stuff, the accumulation of which is starting to severely test my Konmari method attempts.

Thank you all for your comments and emails about my sale post last week. I was happy to hear that many of you were able to hop on Nordstrom’ deal on Longchamp bags, and I think I have some twins out there of my beige and black Chanel jackets as well!

Now, On the topic of Chanel jackets – even on sale, these suckers are expensive, so for each one I always have to make sure I’ll get decent wear out of them. I’ve received a few emails asking for Chanel/Chanel esque styling ideas, and I thought I would share some of my favorite inspiration with all of you. Let’s start with one of the ultimate French cool girls, Vanessa Paradis.

Chanel Jacket Vanessa Paradis

The Cambon bag she’s holding on the left might look dated to some, but that black jacket still looks fresh and modern. I think this was from a 2004 campaign? So more than a decade back! The jacket on the right is one of my favorites ever, from 2013. Love how she wears both with jeans.

Next up, a bit more formal:

Chanel Jacket Cool Kids

On the left, Poppy Delevingne in a 2015 cruise jacket (you can see the black version in my spring sale post – she wears it much better than my dress form). On the right, Christine Centenera in a 2013 double breasted jacket and skirt combo. Continue Reading