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Celine Nano

This little bag is my newest purchase for 2012 and I have to say that I love it! I had seen them at Barney’s and always thought they were pretty small but tried one on after seeing the bag look awesome on Frances. The cross body style makes it really comfortable and easy to carry and it even has a zip up top to keep things secure (perfect for traveling). Plus you can remove the long strap and it makes a cute little evening bag, a bit precious though.

The bag also fits a ton inside. I took a photo for you all because I didn’t find a lot of information out there as to how much can fit into a Celine Nano. Here you see it comfortably fits my long wallet, little coin/bills pouch, notebook, sunglasses, makeup case (if you can read what it says, extra props), mints and my iPhone that I am now noticing sports a very dirty screen. Embarrassing! It’s almost a perfectly designed bag, but if I could change two things I’d a) make the strap adjustable and b) have the tiny zipper pouch a wee bit larger so it could fit an Oyster/subway card. Right now it basically only fits my mints, movie stubs, etc.

I have been wearing this bag nonstop and will try to take a photo of it on to share with you all tomorrow. Thanks for reading and I hope you all had a very nice weekend!

PS: Looking for another great crossbody bag at less than half the price? My pick is this Chloe Marcie bag, available in many classic and lovely colors.