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Whenever I end up with an item that I really love and that also ends up fitting in really well with my wardrobe, I’ve always been tempted to get another one. It’s that annoying little voice of me that always ends up freaking out when I see a big line at Sprinkles Cupcakes: “They’re going to run out….!!” it screams. So when a jacket or pair of jeans ends up being the absolute perfect one, I always want to buy another. What if this is the last jacket manufactured on earth that will fit me just so, and I’ll wear this one forever and ever until it wears out, upon which I’ll be screwed because I just didn’t bother to buy another one?? What will I do then?

Over time I’ve realized that this viewpoint is largely wrong – there will be other jackets and dresses that fit me fine, and most clothing will end up falling victim to being so-last-season-trendy vs. getting worn out through excessive use. So now, I really really try hard not to buy doubles.

There are a few items however, which I loved so much that I had to break my “no doubles” rule. And I’m glad I did, because I wear them all the time! So here they are:

Diane Von Furstenberg Zarita Dress 

I first gushed about the Zarita dress here, and I still adore it. I’ve worn both the black and gray multiple times, and recently recommended it to both a 50+ year old admin at our office, and my friend’s younger 22 year old sister whose idea of fun is still spending weekends shoving for turns around a keg . Fabulous for all and fits like a dream.

Buy it here in blue, black, gray and ivory.

Christian Louboutin Decollete Pumps

I lied here because I actually have three pairs, but I had to include my favorite Louboutin shoe. I have a soft spot for the Decolletes because when we were first dating, my husband said that he thought my black patent pair were the most beautiful pair of shoes he’d ever seen. Little did he know at the time how much they cost. Muhaha!

 The Decolletes aren’t always comfortable the first few times but after a while they settle in nicely. Mind you, none of my 4+ pairs of shoes feels that great after 5+ hours of standing at a wedding. But the Decolletes are such a classic, sexy shape and are one of the iconic pumps that Louboutin has made, in my opinion. And, they are priced more “reasonably” than the platform styles.

Buy them here in black patent and camel patent.

C&C California T-Shirt Dress

I’m always looking for clothes that are as comfortable as pajamas yet are decent enough to wear outside. I know for many the solution is to just wear pajamas outside directly, but a slight office dress code and visions of my mother’s disapproving face generally prevent that.

Anyway, I first covered this C&C dress here. I initially bought the red one and then after a month or so realized that I was wearing it at least once a week, and wanted to wear it more! So I caved and bought the black. T-shirt dresses are so easy to just throw on, they’re comfortable, and are cool for summer. What else do you need?

Buy it here in pretty colors, and in black/white.

So now that I’ve shared my thoughts on doubles in the wardrobe – what are yours? Do you ever buy two of an item that you love, or do you resist the urge? And if you do have doubles – what are they?