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Cashmere Leopard Print Shawl


The Sabi Shawl

For those in the USA – I hope you had a great long weekend! I had a very introverted but quite satisfying one, spending time with my husband and the baby and going on an organizational spree. Yup, I re-read Marie Kondo and was obsessed for the next 40 hours.

Today I’m sharing a new addition I’m proud to have at PASSAGE 88 (more background on that here) – the Sabi shawl, a series of extra large, luxuriously soft cashmere and silk wraps. Perfect for those cool summer evenings.

FF Sabi Shawl

Like with my Mars necklaces, a leopard shawl is an item which I’ve been trying to add to my closet for quite some time. I’m super particular about design, colors, material, and of course price, and finally decided to make my own. These shawls have been in development for quite a while…and now they’re finally here! Each Sabi shawl is a large format (130cm by 130cm square), and made out of lightweight 50/50 mix of high quality silk and cashmere. They’re made for year round wear – gather them around your neck for fall and winter, and lightly drape them on spring days and summer nights.

I worked with a wonderful artist for the design, who helped me create the exact leopard print I wanted. We used a combination of a watercolor and digital techniques, and then worked to perfect each color way. All three selections were chosen to be able to work with both warm and cool toned wardrobes. Here are the colors:

Naturals – featuring shades of cream, rust, beige, brown, and black.

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