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The Power of the Sun

Sale PSA: An open shoulder shift dress from Madewell, now under $100, simple stack heeled black leather booties from Halogen, now under $100, a pretty white eyelet summer dress from Joie, now 40% off, a lovely little off the shoulder dress from Parker, now 40% off, and a classic fringe trim jacket from Veronica Beard, now 60% off. 

There are a few go to jokes my husband likes to torture me with, but one of his favorites is the concept of the “Chanel moth” – a special devious breed which specializes in the most high quality of UK/Scotland manufactured cashmere, zipping through your closet in search of the most expensive pieces to munch. Since this is pretty much my #1 greatest nightmare, I halfway believed him the first time he said it. Because I love my knits and cashmere! So today I thought I would share one of my spring/summer rituals which I do at least once to twice a year, which I believe has helped keep my closet moth free and my knits fresh. The great “airing out”.

Did you know that moths hate sunlight? They avoid it whenever possible, and just the act of shaking out your clothes and hanging them in the sun will a) repel moths and their disgusting larvae (which are what actually eats your clothes), and b) shake out any larvae which might be already in your clothes (even more disgusting). The sun is also a natural disinfectant and will help get rid of any storage odors, etc. So every spring, as soon as the sun comes out, I clean all of my winter knits and pieces with fur and then as an extra precaution, set them out in the sun to air out (though fur shouldn’t be in direct sunlight too long). I do this even with the pieces I haven’t worn, so that they don’t get musty. Continue Reading


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Closet 101 Style

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Closet 101 Style

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