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The Canada Goose Kensington Parka

I mentioned last year that I had ordered my first Canada Goose parka – the Kensington model – and had to wait an excruciating 46 days to receive it, thanks to backorders everywhere.

Since then I’ve received quite a few requests to provide some sizing guidance for this coat. I have been planning to do this review for months, but have been remiss. Since it’s still going to be cold for quite some while, I hope this can still be helpful for some of you!

Here are the facts: I ordered the Kensington model, in size XS, in the black color. I bought mine from Nordstrom, but they appear to be continually getting stock and selling out.

Canada Goose Kensington Fit

I knew that Canada Goose had this parka available in size XXS, but Nordstrom only had XS and I am a die hard loyalist. Plus, I knew that I was always going to layer this coat over sweaters. I was happy with the fit – fitted but not too much, and very comfortable. There are little tabs at each side of the waist that allow you to tighten the fit.

I love the huge fur hood on this parka. I am picky about fur trimmed hoods – I always want them to look big and lush. I will reject an otherwise perfect parka if the hood trim isn’t perfect! When I first unpacked my parka, the fur was a bit mashed down and I was worried. But after a day of hanging in the closet, it was nice and fluffy.

The hood is also lined with a soft velour so super comfortable. And, the hood is removable entirely, of course Continue Reading


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