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Sonora Resort: Part Two

This post is the last in my Vancouver/British Columbia series. For the series, see below.

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Sonora Resort: Part Two

On our third day at Sonora, we woke up and headed down to breakfast in the dining room. Each day we tried to vary what we ate, since there were so many delicious options! Here were two favorites – oatmeal with fruit and local wild honey mixed in (yes I am an oatmeal fan and if I’m feeling good I’ll have it while traveling), and a not so good but deliciously sinful choice, banana french toast.



Then, it was off to begin our morning’s activity – salmon fishing!


We headed over to our boat along with our fishing guide for the day, Ben, and soon were zooming off and away from shore.



Ben our guide helping me learn how to fish. I think what we did was the really lazy man’s way of fishing – Ben helped with setting everything up, casting out, and when we finally got a bite, helped each step to reel the fish in. But it’s probably the only way that I would fish (and it was lots of fun, and I felt big and manly, catching my food).


Yeah! I caught a fish!


As the hours went on, the day got warmer and we enjoyed our time outside on the water. It was my first time fishing and I thought I would be bored in between the fish “biting” – but it was relaxing and beautiful.


There were lots of wildlife around, including bald eagles. This one was feasting on a rock fish that we pulled out of the water – it was too small to keep so we threw it back, and this bird swung right down and picked it up. Mr. Feather (who took all the photos you see) captured him at just the right moment in the water.

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