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Wardrobe Staple: The Camel Coat

Late last year while I was in France, I passed by a Max Mara shop and remembered that I was supposed to pick up a camel coat for my mom for winter. I went in to do some shopping, and ended up leaving with not one, but two camel coats. An excellent moment for my closet, a terrible packing conundrum (I never check baggage if I can help it).

Since then, I’ve been wearing my camel coat quite a bit, and it’s been a wonderful item to have through winter. My only regret is that I didn’t pick up a camel coat sooner – it’s definitely (in my opinion, if it works for you) a wardrobe staple!

Here’s mine, which I like to wear it both open and closed. I ended up buying my mom the classic Rialto style with the hood, and I chose a more oversized model.

Maxmara Coat

I like the big sleeves, even though Mr. Feather muttered “Jedi Knight” when I was taking these pictures. I’ll need to get them shortened at the tailor at some point! Continue Reading