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Interview with Penelope

Today’s interview is with Penelope – a teacher and mother of one living in Hong Kong. In our interview, Penelope humbly refers to herself as “just a mother of a one year old boy.” Penelope is much more than that however – she’s a teacher with a specialized graduate degree, a traveler whose lived around the world, and indeed a wonderful and very stylish mother! I loved learning more about Penelope and some special moments in her life and I hope you all do too.


Who are you? What do you do, and where do you live?

My name is is Penelope, but all my friends call me Penny. I’m 29, turning 30 in March!

I am a New Zealand born Chinese and have spent half my life in Hong Kong and the other half in New Zealand. I majored in Educational Psychology and after that did a postgrad degree in Early Childhood Teaching – so basically, I am an early childhood teacher. I taught mostly in New Zealand and a couple of years in Hong Kong kindergartens as an English teacher.

I met my husband in Hong Kong at my friend’s wedding, and I moved back to Hong Kong because of him. I stopped working after I became pregnant. My dear son is now one year old, I have been a full time mum since he was born. I have to say, teaching kids at work is much easier than having your own child!


You’ve lived in several amazing places – Hong Kong and New Zealand! What was it like living in these two countries? What were the major differences that you noticed?

The major difference between the two countries I must say is a different lifestyle. In New Zealand, people are pretty laid back, never in a hurry. Monday is still in weekend mode, Friday by 3 PM is beer and pizza time, if you know what I mean. Auckland is definitely a much quieter place to live in where shops all close by 6 PM unless it’s a late night. Here in Hong Kong, people work much longer hours. Everyone seems to be in a hurry, rushing for MTR, bus, rushing to get to work, rushing to go home, rushing to get things done.  Hong Kong is a lot more busier, shops dont close till 10 PM or 11 PM at night. Some of my friends here work from 9 AM – 10 PM and that is called normal in Hong Kong. It is quite hard for me to accept that, and I am glad my husband doesnt have to work such long hours! Continue Reading