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Bottega Veneta Knot


The Bottega Veneta Knot

Since I already have two black clutches, and am much more likely to be found 19th in line, queuing up for falafel on any given night versus at a black tie event, you’d think that I would be done with dark colored evening bags. However I do have an addiction, and I use my existing clutches for more casual outings more than I thought I would. Because of my fondness for these little bags, last week I finally picked up an item on my list that I’ve been after for years – a Bottega Veneta Knot!

I first spied this studded Bottega knot almost 18 months ago, and was immediately drawn to it.  I didn’t buy it because a) there were other closet priorities at the time, and b) I thought I might want to wait out for a more “classic” style. Since it was a seasonal style, I thought that I might try and wait out for a sale as well. Over the months there were a few other clutches that caught my eye – but none that really spoke to me like this studded one. I hemmed and hawed and went and bothered a few Bottega experts that I knew (including two that were interviewed on this site – Belle and T, thank you!) and learned that Bottega knots almost never go on sale, especially in black. They also aren’t carried in the outlets. Continue Reading