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The Hermes Bolide – Size Comparison, 31 and 35

Since I added an Hermes Bolide bag to my closet a few years ago, I’ve become convinced that it’s one of the best and truly  classic bags that the brand has ever produced. It’s incredibly versatile, beautiful (though I give the top marks to the Kelly for beauty), and easy to use. My own bag was a little black version (see the review here) with silver hardware in the 31cm size – and I loved it!

Last year however, my mom mentioned that she liked my Bolide, and decided to “take it over” for awhile. Don’t we all love our moms? Mine is notoriously difficult to shop for, so I was thrilled to finally have an item that she actually wanted. After a while though, I missed the bag, and thought I would add another. I wanted black, but was very hesitant to get the exact same bag again…as sometimes my mom and I “share”. So when I had an opportunity to add a black Bolide, but in a larger size, I was very happy to do so!

With my new larger size, I thought it would be the perfect chance to do a size comparison between the 31 and 35 size (borrowing back the 31 from my mom for a day!).

Bolide Face to Face

Hermes Bolide, 31 cm (left) and 35/37 cm (right)

Both Bolides are in black, with palladium hardware. The one on the left is clemence, and the right is fjord. Fjord in my experience takes dye more “lightly” like togo/clemence…and you can see the the black looks a bit lighter here as well.

The left size is also the 31 cm size – which I would equate to more of a handbag style. The one on right is a 37 – now called 35 from Hermes (yes the description shrunk two inches, but the size didn’t change at all). For someone of my height (5’1), I’ve always found the 31 to be an ideal size, but I was surprised by how much I liked the 35. Yes it was larger, but because of it’s shape, it’s footprint was significantly smaller than a say, 35 Birkin.

What Fits in Bolide

Above is a photo illustrating all that can fit within the two sizes (with room to spare). I’ve always found the 31 deceptively roomy – it’s definitely large enough for my daily essentials – a notebook, my Kindle, a wallet, makeup bag, phone and sunglasses. Continue Reading