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Blue Jasmine: The Wardrobe

Today’s post is the fourth in my wardrobe recap series, and is covers the fashion from one of the most requested movies so far – Blue Jasmine.

Blue Jasmine

I love this movie, and have seen it countless times since it came out. I always choose to watch it on a flights, so I don’t have to bother anyone else when I rewind back to look at my favorite fashions. I love Cate Blanchett’s style in it. I’ve heard criticism that Cate’s wardrobe was deliberately crafted to be quite a bit “showy,” and yes, I’m in agreement! There’s a lot of big names, big jewels, and logos. Cate doesn’t play that understated, old money, Upper East Side woman who wears no jewelry and lots of Zoran. But in my opinion, it’s perfect for the character, and plus she looks great.

Most of the images are from my own screen shots of the movie, but I did manage to find lots of great, high quality promotional stills as well to supplement. Let’s dive in!

The first look, and one of the most iconic from the movie – the classic white Chanel jacket, the Chanel costume pearls, the silk shirt, the Hermes Birkin bag with the Hermes silk scarf tied around it, the Hermes “H” Constance belt.

Blue Jasmine 1

Wow, that is a lot of recognizable labels, huh? In my opinion, probably one or a few too many for myself perfectly to feel comfortable – but Cate looks great, and of course expensive. I think Chanel white tweed also looks spectacular on blonds.

Blue Jasmine 2

Thinking about a dinner party in better times, in a custom Oscar de la Renta twinset. Love the mix in her jewelry of yellow and white diamonds – even her earrings mix the two! The sequined knit look is one that I’ve always found it hard to go “cheaper” on. You can find a lovely statement cardigan from Lanvin that runs over $2K (but boy, is it beautiful!).

Blue Jasmine Oscar

Hanging out casually in a white shirt (dress)?. I included this photo as it has some nice shots of Cate’s jewelry, including what looks like a Cartier watch. Cate mixes white and yellow gold throughout the movie.

white shirt

Next, another casual outfit with the ever recognizable Louis Vuitton Speedy bag. My favorite item in this outfit however, is the parka. I love parkas (especially with some fur detailing) and I’ve never felt guilty about splurging over them as I actually wear them, and often!

Burberry makes fantastic versions each year, and for a less expensive option, I’d check out this fur detailed version by Trina Turk.

Blue Jasmine 3

Blue Jasmine 4

Back on the streets in a flashback to her “old life”, Cate looking sleek in all black layers, and a Chanel jacket and accessories (bag and pearls). You usually see Cate in lighter colors throughout Blue Jasmine – whites, creams, taupes. It’s nice to see some black here. Continue Reading