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On Blogging

Over the years (a little over three now!) since I started writing this site, I’ve occasionally been asked for my advice on blogging. I’m not a full time blogger, nor do I consider Feather Factor to be the kind of success that would make me an expert in the area. I feel a bit sheepish actually writing about it!

However, I am always happy to share my own personal experience in this area, and thus here are some of my learnings, over my time so far blogging. I hope this is helpful to some of you, and if you have feedback/other tips on blogging, please share in the comments!

Another tip for blogging – keep a written journal! I jot down ideas in my journals.

1. If you’re thinking about blogging – just start. And don’t expect a masterpiece right off the bat.

For me, when I first started Feather Factor, I thought that I had to be very careful in making sure my first blog post was perfect. After all, this would be the very first post – what would set the tone and quality for the whole site! 

If you’re an accomplished writer with lots of experience, this may be the case for you, and you’ll come out with a perfect, timeless post right off the bat. In my experience though, whatever you write, you’ll look back on it years later and know you could have written something better. It’s not going to be perfect, in retrospect. And that’s how it should be. Blogging is creative writing, and you get better at it the more that you do. So if you’ve been hemming and hawing, you can start now, and not look back.

Besides, one of the upsides of having your own site? You can always go back to your old posts and fix your embarrassing mistakes. Although I often think it’s nice to have your original writings, as awkward as they may be, to reflect back upon.

2. You will develop a thick skin (or, you’ll probably quit blogging).

Remember how last month,  a complete stranger came right up to you on the street and yelled, “Hey fatty, get a bigger size dress!” 


Yeah, that doesn’t really happen so much in real life, but if you blog long enough, you will get a nastygram, or two, or ten. It comes with the territory. Social boundaries are lower online, and it’s much easier for people to write things they wouldn’t necessarily say to your face (but that includes nice things too, which is great).

I’ll be honest –  whether it’s the first or hundredth time you receive a nasty comment – it’ll still feel bad, either way. That’s natural. What I’d encourage you to do, is to take these comments as constructively as possible. It can be very interesting, and even insightful, to hear what a perfect stranger thinks of you, without their fear of consequence. Sometimes it’s a helpful message…just wrapped up in blunt words. Continue Reading


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