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The Hermes Canvas Strap

During my last trip to Paris, I mentioned that I managed a short detour to one of my favorite shopping spots – the Hermes flagship, on Rue St. Honore.

Even though I didn’t leave with any big purchases from the store, I did pick up something small, but extremely valuable to me – a simple canvas strap.

Some Hermes fans may recognize both a) the usefulness of and b) the difficulty of finding one of these little canvas straps. They can transform a bag and make a formal bag more casual. An example of a bag which benefits greatly from these straps, is the Kelly – even though I love the leather strap that it comes with, having the option of a canvas crossbody strap makes it much more versatile, not to mention comfortable, on long days walking around.

Hermes Bandouliere

Unfortunately, these little straps can be hard to find, and generally have to be ordered. I had requested a few of these in matching colors to my bags last year, and typical of Hermes, only one was available so far by the time I was able to drop by  – a black with silver hardware that I wanted for my Bolide (well and actually a future Kelly too…which I don’t even have yet!). At least the price was fairly reasonable (for Hermes) – less than $400.

The strap worked beautifully with my Bolide. However, on a lark, I used it on my Vert de Gris Kelly, and thought that it actually went quite well! Here are the results.

Kelly crossbody

Some other examples of women wearing their Kelly with a canvas strap, starting with Renee Zellwegger! Doesn’t she look so fun and youthful with this very formal croc bag on a canvas strap?


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