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The Backpack

I mentioned a few weeks ago in my 2014 Wardrobe Resolutions recap that it was actually an Everlane backpack that ended putting me over the 25 item limit edge. A backpack! I haven’t purchased one in years (my last was a camouflage North Face for grad school, which I never ended up using). But since I like to walk to work sometimes, my laptop + daily essentials + multitude of snacks was weighing heavy even on a crossbody bag, and I decided to go for a backpack for maximum comfort and ease.

I first saw this backpack in person on my certified hipster stepbrother, and though I’m sure he appreciated my compliments, I’m not sure how thrilled he was about my suggestion that we be accessories twins. Anyway, I’ve been wearing this bag on my walks to work and it’s been a miracle on my back. I have two hands that I can use freely to fiddle with my music selections, swing by my side, peel a banana…anything! I usually stick a little pouch inside that holds my wallet, phone, and sunglasses, in case I need to run a quick errand or am going out for coffee during work.

I exclaimed to Mr. Feather that I should have swapped to a backpack for work a long time ago, whose reply was that a) duh, and b) just wait until you get older, even a backpack will start to feel heavy. I’ll just have to pray for an early retirement plan when that day inevitably arrives.

Do you use a backpack? Ever?