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Interview with Dorota Swies

This week’s interview is with the ultra cool Dorota Swies – designer, filmmaker, and the mind behind THE DIVINITUS blog. I always enjoy reading Dorota’s site because her style is so consistent, clean, and modern. It takes a very defined aesthetic to have a minimalist, avant garde style that is as consistently striking as Dorota’s, and  I love how she is able to create so many different and detailed looks and textures through a very simple color palette (I’ve included some of my favorite looks throughout). Enjoy meeting the fantastic Dorota!


Who are you? What do you do, and where do you live?

I’m a new media designer and filmmaker in the United States. I also run a personal style fashion blog THE DIVINITUS.

You work in a highly creative field. What does a typical day for you look like? 

That depends on the project I’m working on. Filming includes either production on location or post in a studio. When we film it means long hours, usually early morning to late evening. Locations can vary from set to scene. Post or design usually involves certain deadlines so we often work overnight. So pretty much a typical day means long hours powered by coffee. But all creative jobs require that kind of challenge. There is no 9 to 5.


You moved to the U.S. from Europe after receiving your MFA. What were some of the most interesting aspects of life that you had to adjust to when you moved?

There is not much difference in general culture (except for a couple of infamous “prides” of America) as this country is a great mix of immigrants from every side of the world. But the most interesting for me was the scale of this country with all that immensity of nature. Fascinating miles of unoccupied territory with everything oversized. It was especially striking in Nevada and Arizona.


Your style seems to focus on avant garde and niche designers. Who are some of your favorites designers – both well known and perhaps less well known? How has your style evolved over the years?

By natural choice I reject mainstream qualities in anything, and I focus on quality art or design which isn’t spoiled by short lived trends or dollar signs. In fashion, my favorite is Rick Owens, but I also wore a lot of less known Complexgeometries and more commercial Helmut Lang. I always did black. Before even more than now, but now it’s all about the casual elegance. Back then I was going to art school and then university of fine arts, so it was all about demonstrative manifest of one’s own creativity or existential pain. Outfits were either self-made or made by my colleagues from the weaving arts department.

Now I rely on a very limited number of actual fashion designers. I also reduced accessories and any unnecessary fuzz. I focus on shades of black, and its fabric composition.



What are some of your favorite items in your wardrobe – the most worn? Which would you recommend as versatile items for somebody trying out avant garde style?

Perhaps a good coat and a pair of flat combat boots, but quality outwear and shoes are a must, regardless of trend or style. Avant-grade is more of a life style than a much narrower trend to try out. It should come naturally and sans guidelines other than supporting original designs and understanding where they are coming from. Continue Reading