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Weekend Update

1. I feel like I have been spending entirely too much time leering at beautiful shoes lately. I hesitate to post yet another pair, but these Aquazzuras were to beautiful to resist, plus they are selling out quickly (sad for a sale season lover like me).

Oh my, they are just so pretty, pretty, pretty. I love the lace up detail and the glossy black leather. Usually I end up having to miss out on these type of lace-up shoes, simply because I’m a stump and don’t want to make myself look even shorter, but these look like they’d be wouldn’t cut off the leg too much (unlike those lace up sandals that go up above the ankles).  Also, they look quite secure – a major complaint of mine with those barely there strappy sandals? Not enough material to hold your foot in and you end up feeling wobbly and uncomfortable.

Adding these to my fall list!

via Forbes

via Forbes

2. Forbes this month has a fantastic article – Inside Hermes – about the growing luxury empire of Hermes, with some in depth history of the house’s past as well as its strategies for the future. A lot of great insights and a recommended read for any fans of Hermes or the luxury industry in general. Continue Reading