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Weekend Update

1. Today I want to share with you all a pair of boots that I love, love so much. I’ve seen these on two other women, and they look so beautiful on them. They’re called the Rhumba, and are made by Aquatalia, a brand for boots that I absolutely adore. I bought my first pair in 2009 and have loved them ever since. They are the most comfortable, beautiful and water resistant boot brand I have ever found.

The sad thing for me? These boots for some reason just don’t fit my particular legs right…they sag a lot at the ankle too much. So disappointing for me as I’ve seen this boot look great on so many others. I usually don’t recommend items on this site that haven’t worked out for myself…but I still think that these boots are worth a try for most. Gorgeous, not too long of a shaft, and so comfortable. Even Kate Middleton likes them, come on!


2. Were any of you in the Greek system (fraternities/sororities) in college? I never joined one, and enough time has passed in my sad old life that the whole system is a distant memory for me. So I found this NY Times article very interesting – the cost of joining the Greek system (sororities in particular), in college. Continue Reading


Recent Finds: Nordstrom and Target

I recently picked up a few items at both Nordstrom and Target which I’ve really been enjoying – I wanted to share these items before they’re no longer in stores/go back to full price. ___ I posted earlier about…