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Interview with Ann of Ann’s Fabulous Finds

A few months ago, I wrote a post on where to consign designer items (and also where to shop for some second hand bargains!). One of my recommended destinations was Ann’s Fabulous Finds – one of my personal favorite sites on both sides of the fence – selling and buying. I’ve been familiar with AFF for several years now, and thought that it would be interesting to interview the woman behind it all, who has seen thousands of designer items come and  go. Enjoy meeting Ann!


Who are you? What do you do, and where do you live?

I’m Ann of Ann’s Fabulous Finds. I run an online, luxury consignment shop for high-end women’s designer goods, and I live in the suburbs of Detroit.

What made you start your site, Anns Fabulous Finds? How did it all begin?

I first started collecting bags when I was in my early 20’s, while I was traveling and living in Europe. I had no money, but I still found money for bags – usually money that should have been spent on food. In Florence, I spent an entire week’s grocery budget on a Fendi wallet!

So while the love of designer handbags was with me all along, my friends and I later discovered that women were looking for a safe and secure way to buy and sell designer handbags, so I decided to create a space where we could guarantee authenticity, and our customers would feel comfortable.

I have a degree in advertising that I actually never used. Prior to AFF, I worked in architecture and also estate jewelry, traveling to shows and buying selling antique jewelry. I also designed jewelry like wedding sets, and was a manager at a jewelry store.

With a site like yours, you have to have a keen eye for counterfeits. How did you develop your expertise over time? What are some clear signs of an authentic item versus fake?

When we started this site, I personally owned 150 Louis Vuitton bags, so I’m a bit of an expert in Louis Vuitton, but it’s not just me. We are extremely careful to do our due diligence. I have a team of authenticators that we use to authenticate each brand because I can’t be an expert in everything. We have experts in Chanel, Hérmes, Gucci and other brands that we can rely on to guarantee the authenticity of our items before we make them available for sale.

But even though we still use experts, you start to become one yourself. When you see 50 Birkins in a row, you start see how they’re put together, how they smell, and I’ve learned a lot just from the inventory we get in. Continue Reading