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Reader Letter: A Closet on a Budget

A few weeks ago, a very sweet reader Barbara sent me this message (paraphrased a bit for length):

I always enjoy reading your blog and I love the fact you are so ” down to earth” about fashion & shopping.

Your shopping advice  is always very useful and I was hoping that in the future you could do another one of those posts specifically for… low budget? Which brands and items would you consider as good buys for the future, good alternatives?

Barbara’s email really got me thinking about some of the best values in my closet, and what lessons I might glean from all of my many, many mistakes in the past. There were a bunch (believe me!) and today I wanted to share three of my personal tips/learnings about building a great closet on a budget – where to save, where to spend, and some of my favorite brands.

Save: on evening wear and cocktail dresses. I don’t know about you, but one of my favorite items to peruse when browsing through luxury racks are the dresses. I sweep right past all those neutral cashmere Akris shells on to the excellent satin sheaths, the sequined slip dresses, the printed A-lines. Unfortunately, cocktail dresses and gowns get probably the least wear in my closet. And, they are never as versatile as I think they’ll be. I have TWO white Temperley dresses that I adore but that sit dormant whenever there’s a wedding (same goes for the bandage dresses). There are gowns that are too formal for whatever event, dresses that aren’t formal enough, and the list goes on. Continue Reading