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The Bag Which Is Not A Birkin

Sale PSA: A classic boxy cashmere turtleneck from Nordstrom (I love the lines on this, looks like it’s from somewhere like The Row), now 40% off, truly excellent buckled leather pumps from Laurence Dacade, now 60% off (I really want these despite some resistance from my husband), an easy zipped heeled bootie with comfortable walking lug sole from Caslon, now just $65, and a gorgeous oxford checked trench coat from J.Crew, now under $150 (final sale!). 

For five years running now, my #1 most asked about topic on this blog remains the Hermes Birkin bag (though as the years have gone on, the Kelly has shot up quite a bit). I think the Birkin is a great bag, and I’ll never be one of those people who is soooooo over them just because the bag is so popular and ubiquitous now, that have to make the point that they liked them before they were popular, unlike say, you, basically insinuating that you’re a nouveau peasant. The Birkin is fabulous. That being said, I do think that there should be a little more love paid to a few bags Hermes makes  which aren’t as popular…I’m an equal opportunity bag enjoyer! Here are some of my favorite Hermes bags which aren’t Birkins (or Kellys).

1. The Plume. The Plume is one of my favorite under the radar Hermes bags. You could carry this anywhere and barely anyone would know what it was. It’s a fabulous, classic bag with clean lines that will stand the test of time. A bonus is the light weight (it really is light as a feather, plume = feather), and the rolled handles, which feel so comfortable on the arm. The prices on these on the resale market are fantastic, too. You can get a gorgeous Plume – one which retails for $7K or above and which will garner you compliments from every staffer in the Hermes shop – for a little more than $1K or so.  If I weren’t neck deep in mommy world with no line of sight to handheld bags, I’d be adding one or two more to my wardrobe, pronto. Continue Reading

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