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The Hermes Mini Halzan

Sale PSA: a pretty lightweight floral shirtdress from L’Academie, now $86, red strappy platform sandals from Prada, now 40% off, a sheer crepe shirt from Joseph, now 60% off, a very flirty/sexy button down jersey dress from Privacy Please, now just $63, and fun (and very wearable) pom detailed sandals from Aquazzura, now just $340 (I like the black/white! Highly considering this one)

Today I’m reviewing a bag that I have wanted for some time and finally pulled the trigger on – The Hermes Mini Halzan.

I first tried on the regular sized Halzan on the first day of its release in Paris (my sales associate said she had a special surprise, and took it out, and I have to admit I thought it was going to be a Constance). It was gorgeous and useful but I thought it basically replicated my Evelyne, and was worried about the stress of all my things on the thinner strap, so ultimately passed. When I saw the mini size however, I was instantly intrigued.


There are a few things I have been searching for in a mini bag – that it be able to fit my gigantic iPhone 8 Plus with a fat case, keys, a lipstick, card case, and sunglasses. I also wanted it to be able to be squashed into a backpack when needed (moms should understand this point). Continue Reading


The Hermes Constance Bag

Sale PSA; A gorgeous leather trimmed shearling coat from Maje (I love this and it’s now on my winter wish list), for 25% off, a pretty romper I’ve recommended before from Alice & Olivia, now under $100, sleek bootcut…


Etoupe Evelyne

Sale PSA: Gray Paige skinny jeans, another Anniversary sale find (I love gray skinny jeans and buy almost every iteration to try – also my favorite Joie Parks are back in stock in limited sizes), classic Stuart Weitzman “Highland”…


The Bag Which Is Not A Birkin

For five years running now, my #1 most asked about topic on this blog remains the Hermes Birkin bag (though as the years have gone on, the Kelly has shot up quite a bit). I think the Birkin is…

Closet 101 Style

Handbag Open House – Volume One

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Special Order – Anemone and Iris

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Review – Hermes Bag Inserts

Today I’m going to share some of my experiences with, and favorite inserts for Hermes bags. This is a post that some of you have been requesting, so I hope you find it helpful! I’m more of a “user…