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Wardrobe Recap: A Bigger Splash

For today’s wardrobe recap, I wanted to cover A Bigger Splash, starring Tilda Swinton and Fiennes.

A Bigger Splash is the sort of movie which normally would come and go without me ever knowing it even existed (aka highly acclaimed, with a plot requiring more than several brain cells to comprehend). However it popped on my radar because I had also watched I Am Love, by the same director, Luca Guadagnino. I Am Love was such a cool, stylish movie that of course I had to wardrobe recap it. And when I found out that the same director was not only working with the goddess Tilda Swinton again, but also with Raf Simons (who was at Dior at the time), who also designed Tilda’s wardrobe for I Am Love? I knew I had to watch, and recap. Enjoy!

Our first shot of Tilda, heading out for a fabulous Italian vacation with her young attractive boyfriend with glamorous sunglasses. Go Tilda.

A few shots of her excellent shirtdress. This shirtdress operates as both a beach cover up and resort wear for Tilda, and is modified Dior, as is almost everything Tilda wears in the movie (of course this is when Raf Simons was still there). Such a chic, effortless piece. You can find a similar versatile knotted dress from J.W. Anderson, and a much more wallet friendly version from Caslon, here (I like that the Caslon is pure linen, too). Continue Reading