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Traveling with a Baby

We recently returned from a week in Hawaii with baby Feather – our first proper family vacation. I had planned to do a travel review post, but upon returning home, realized actually take any photos… Instead, I’ve compiled some of our learnings on how to travel with a baby – a 10 month old at the time.

Baby in Pool

1. The first day will not be like the rest. I think this is a really important point. After our first 24 hours traveling with baby, my husband and I were both incredibly frazzled. Baby Feather, who usually has two naps at the same time each day, refused to nap on the plane. Or at all in the hotel room. He was getting crankier and crankier, and we were getting more and more exhausted. At one point, my husband even explored the possibility of ending our trip early.

I know this doesn’t seem like a big deal when you don’t have kids – yup I know exact what you’re thinking, you child free couples with wonderful, globe trotting lives and tons of extra money! No big deal…your little darling didn’t take his naps. But it’s actually really stressful. Just imagine having to hold onto a very heavy, very large and squirmy cat which is getting more and more grouchy and yowly by the minute. A cat which you also have to feed, and doesn’t use a litterbox. You can’t put the cat down, because then it’ll trot right over to the beverage cart and knock all the drinks down, or it’ll eat an old piece of discarded gum on the ground which could contain Zika molecules. Multiply that by five hours. And that’s just the flight!

The first 24 hours of our trip were by far the worst, because baby Feather was adjusting to the travel and the new environment. But after that, our trip improved immeasurably. By the end, we were actually quite sad to leave Hawaii (and briefly contemplated just continuing to live there, so we wouldn’t have to get onto another plane). So remember…when you’re lying on the hotel bed exhausted and trying to wrangle away the room service menu from your child…things will improve. Continue Reading

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