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What I Pay For And What I Don’t

Today I thought I’d do a post about the things I pay for in life and the things I don’t. I always think it’s interesting to hear what other people like to splurge and scrimp on – you learn things you never would have otherwise. Here are some of mine!

What I Pay For:

Newspaper/media subscriptions. Yes, I know we all hate the paywall but I think given the events of the past few years we all agree that free and well funded media is important, right? Right now, I count The Wall Street Journal, NY Times, (and NY Times Crossword), and the Economist (thats alongside a bunch of magazines, most of which sadly go unread these days) amongst my paid subscriptions, I also feel guilty sporadically when that Guardian UK pop up emerges and get out my credit card. The money each of these cost is less than an item of clothing usually and you use it every day. On a related note, I buy tons of books (if you couldn’t tell from my Weekend Updates). I know there’s the library, but I’m impatient for new releases.

Cleaning service. There are many things I would sacrifice in my budget before I got rid of our cleaners. When we got married, one of the pieces of marriage advice we got was that we should definitely pay for house cleaning. I also have a Roomba which we love but which also terrifies my toddler.  Continue Reading


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