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Reader Question: Household Finances

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Money is one of those super touchy subjects, which is why I rarely write about it. Plus, I’m utterly unqualified. I receive quite a lot of questions about it though (apparently you guys are all like me – secretly very curious about others, but not willing to divulge anything yourselves!), and so I decided to attempt another post. Here is the question, which I’ve received in various forms a few times, from the sweet M:

…can you please share what you are comfortable with for how you and Mr. Feather do your budgeting? Me and my husband feel like we’re always falling behind, and can’t keep track. Thanks…. 

I’ve mentioned before that in our home, I manage the money. It’s a task that I kind of loathe at most times, but that I also enjoy in some perverse way – kind of like making checklists and checking them off….ahhh! So satisfying.

Here are the absolute musts we follow when managing our own household – and of course as always, I’d love to hear yours too.


1. Find some way to track your spending/net at a macro level, and only if you have time/feel like it, at the micro. The macro is the important one – you should know on a rough level where you are in terms of debt, assets, long term savings, and any other “goals” you might be saving for. I know that this can be a drag (and after kids, depressing), but you have to do it! It’ll be worth it down the line and you’ll be so glad you did, when you’re cheering over mimosas during your retirement. I have a very basic excel sheet – it has all of our accounts listed, mortgages, etc, and each month I write down the updated numbers in a new column. This allows me not only to get a good handle on everything, but also to track trends over time. Continue Reading

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