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Weekend Update

Sale PSA: Nordstrom Anniversary opened today for the public, with lots of goodies and restocks/additions. You can see my original recommendations in this post. I’ve been a bad girl with my ordering and have found a bunch of other goodies, including this Leith cowlneck dress (only $36), these Vince Camuto over the knee boots (only $160, love the gray suede), Steve Madden booties ($87, keep checking back for restocks), this Majestic Paris top ($90 and you’ll have it forever, seriously), this beautiful diamond pave Monica Vinader bracelet ($250) and Stuart Weitzman heeled suede booties ($350).

Elsewhere around the web: this gorgeous and fun fringed Haute Hippie party dress, now 60% off, open knit sweater – perfect for summer – by IRO, now 40% off, and a white flutter sleeved lace popover dress from Trina Turk, now 60% off. 

1. I have a seemingly inexhaustible ability to keep shopping for crossbody bags, and had to share another which I’ve been eyeing (super duper eyeing) – this Saint Laurent convertible pouch/crossbody bag. I think this bag is perfect!!

732305_e3_xl (1)

I’m always looking for a little pouch/bag which I can stick into a larger tote, for when I need to run after baby but don’t want to lug all my stuff. The closest thing I have is the Chanel wallet on chain, which is fabulous, but the strap is too long and I wish it could just fit a smidgen more.

This Saint Laurent bag basically has it all…the size, the sleek shape (easily tucked into a tote), the tassel detail, and the adjustable strap. This bag is basically like if the Gucci Soho Disco and the Celine Trio had a baby, no? A little pouch sized baby.

I also love that it can easily be converted into a clutch – and one that I’d actually wear out. I really, really, might have to get this one.

2. I had to giggle a little bit (maybe I shouldn’t be) at this article, When Startups Fail, Millennial CEOs Like to Share Feelings, via the WSJ. What do you think? At least their hearts are in the right place. Continue Reading

Life Travel

Traveling with a Baby

Sale PSA: A classic Burberry trench with zipper details (I’m so tempted by this one – a great slightly more casual trench), now under $600, a beautifully cut classic crepe sheath dress from 3.1 Phillip Lim, now $280, a simple and chic v-neck sheath dress from Rag & Bone, now 40% off, and an embroidered off the shoulder dress from Tularosa, now under $90. 

We recently returned from a week in Hawaii with baby Feather – our first proper family vacation. I had planned to do a travel review post, but upon returning home, realized actually take any photos… Instead, I’ve compiled some of our learnings on how to travel with a baby – a 10 month old at the time.

Baby in Pool

1. The first day will not be like the rest. I think this is a really important point. After our first 24 hours traveling with baby, my husband and I were both incredibly frazzled. Baby Feather, who usually has two naps at the same time each day, refused to nap on the plane. Or at all in the hotel room. He was getting crankier and crankier, and we were getting more and more exhausted. At one point, my husband even explored the possibility of ending our trip early.

I know this doesn’t seem like a big deal when you don’t have kids – yup I know exact what you’re thinking, you child free couples with wonderful, globe trotting lives and tons of extra money! No big deal…your little darling didn’t take his naps. But it’s actually really stressful. Just imagine having to hold onto a very heavy, very large and squirmy cat which is getting more and more grouchy and yowly by the minute. A cat which you also have to feed, and doesn’t use a litterbox. You can’t put the cat down, because then it’ll trot right over to the beverage cart and knock all the drinks down, or it’ll eat an old piece of discarded gum on the ground which could contain Zika molecules. Multiply that by five hours. And that’s just the flight!

The first 24 hours of our trip were by far the worst, because baby Feather was adjusting to the travel and the new environment. But after that, our trip improved immeasurably. By the end, we were actually quite sad to leave Hawaii (and briefly contemplated just continuing to live there, so we wouldn’t have to get onto another plane). So remember…when you’re lying on the hotel bed exhausted and trying to wrangle away the room service menu from your child…things will improve. Continue Reading


Weekend Update

Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale Early Access has started – there are a few items I have my eye on, but my favorites are this Current Elliott “Commander” military jacket, now under $200, this Jo Malone cologne set, $115 (I adore Jo Malone and the scents are made for layering), these Illesteva mirrored sunglasses, now $177, and this Alexander Wang jersey dress (I love, love this dress – its cut perfectly and so flattering), for under $400. I’m also definitely getting this Barefoot Dreams robe for $66, and the circle cardigan for $77 (hey I need lots of loungewear in the winter months!). 

Elsewhere around the web – A layered pima cotton dress from Enza Costa, now $86 (such a versatile summer piece), cropped white skinny denim from Paige, now 33% off,  and easy tan heeled sandals from Madewell, now under $80 (these slides are also only $30, but reviews are mixed), 

1. I feel like this summer, there are so many great flat sandal options! This week I’m sharing another one that I saw in person the other day (in the gorgeous shade of red shown below), by Vince Camuto.

My ideal flat sandals are never actually entirely flat – I always prefer a slight wedge instead. I find it more flattering to the leg, and also more comfortable – there’s a bit of padding so your foot isn’t hitting the ground directly. There’s been a bunch of great options this summer, and this one is under $100 to boot. I’m just deciding between the neutral and the red!

2. Here’s an article, via The Telegraph UK, about husbands who fly business class while their wives sit back in economy. What do you all think? I can share that this isn’t the case in our household…either we all sit up front, or we all sit in the back. Continue Reading


Weekend Update

A great simple black shoulder bag from Clare V, now $160 with code SALE20 (I also really like this white perforated Proenza crossbody satchel, now $684 with the code SALE20), low black wedge sandals from Lucky, currently under $71 (I have these and they’re a great easy sandal option), a deep v ribbed v-neck sweater from Helmut Lang, now under $140, and a military vest from The Kooples (I love this one, a versatile layering piece), currently on sale for under $200. 

1. I have a slight obsession with cardholders, and collect them in all kinds of shapes and sizes. I recently came across the Saint Laurent version, and love everything about it! The color, shape, everything.

One day if I’m in the mood to really bore you all, I’ll go into detail about what makes a great cardholder, but I’ll just summarize for now and say that a great cardholder a) holds quite a few cards, b) is sleek, and c) can also hold coins and cash. I love this one because of that zip pocket which can also hold coins, tickets, cash, and anything else securely. And the color is great too. Adding to my mile long wish list.


2. A great piece, via Racked, with Patricia Field describing how the costumes/outfits in The Devil Wears Prada came together. Continue Reading