Oct 032013
Do You Tone?

I’ve had a mixed history with using facial toner. I didn’t use it, then used it religiously as part of the “very scientific (aka plastic sliders on a white box) Clinique 3-Step method, then read that it was useless if [...]

Sep 262013
Interview with Janelle

Today’s interview is with a fellow blogger and YouTuber who I have long admired – the fantastic Janelle from Elle & Ish. I’ve followed Janelle’s blog for years – her’s was one of the first I ever read that combined [...]

Aug 272013
Natural Beauty

A few months ago, I was scouring the aisles of Trader Joe’s looking for an elusive Ritter Sport flavor when I ran into one of my friends who was clutching a jar of coconut oil. She mentioned that she had [...]

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