Oct 032013
Do You Tone?

I’ve had a mixed history with using facial toner. I didn’t use it, then used it religiously as part of the “very scientific (aka plastic sliders on a white box) Clinique 3-Step method, then read that it was useless if […]

Sep 262013
Interview with Janelle

Today’s interview is with a fellow blogger and YouTuber who I have long admired – the fantastic Janelle from Elle & Ish. I’ve followed Janelle’s blog for years – her’s was one of the first I ever read that combined […]

Sep 032013
September Favorites

Hello from Africa! It’s simply amazing here, and I’ve temporarily broken my “don’t check the internet” ban to post and say hello. While I’m away and posting less, I thought I would share a few of my favorite discoveries and […]

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