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Beauty Favorites of 2014

Recently I’ve had some requests to share my beauty and skincare favorites – over the next few months I hope to share with you all of my favorite finds both this year, and ever!  Today I thought I’d start…

Beauty Interview

Interview with Patricia Pao

This week’s interview is with Patti Pao – founder and CEO of Restorsea, and superwoman extraordinaire. I felt honored to have the opportunity to interview Patti, who is a fountain of knowledge on not just skincare, but also starting your…


The Power of Water

Last November while we were in Paris, I picked up something requested by a friend – a large bottle of Bioderma Crealine, a cleansing water. Now you can guess that this was a pretty good friend, because guess what?…


Beauty Resolutions

A reader (hi S!) recently wrote me about my 25 item wardrobe resolution for 2014, and how that might extend to skincare/beauty. This was a question that I struggled a bit to answer, because I actually already have a…

Beauty Style

Weekend Update

Here are some updates from me, from the last few weeks….! 1. Vanity Fair is one of my favorite magazines. In anticipation of their cover story on Gwyneth Paltrow which I have been eagerly waiting for (who doesn’t like…