Jan 262015

Sale PSA: Over the knee flat leather boots that look more expensive than they are, now under $60 from Nordstrom, a perfectly loose black cashmere top from Enza Costa, now under $125, and a notch collar cashmere wrap coat from Fleurette in classic black and camel shades, now 40% off. 

Today’s wardrobe recap is on a movie which I only just watched recently – Coco Before Chanel, starring Audrey Tatou. When I first watched the movie, I assumed I wouldn’t have the opportunity to do a wardrobe recap as I had read reviews that this was definitely not a movie about “fashion”. However, this was still a movie about Coco, who as we all know had incredible style.


Please note that this movie is yes, Coco before she became “Chanel” – so most of what you see is of her early life, as she’s beginning to define her formative style. It was amazing to see how many of her early looks are still relevant today. I thought the movie was very inspiring – her life, her conviction, and yes, her style. Enjoy!

Our first look with Coco – here in her part time day job as a seamstress. Hmm, I wonder where that leads to?

Coco Before Chanel 1

Next, Coco in her full “traveling” outfit. I love the hat she wears, and you see it throughout the film. So refreshing, especially once you realize that during those times most women were wearing giant, jeweled feathery things on their heads!

Coco Before Chanel 2 Coco Before Chanel 4

Next, a quick shot of her nightgown in bed. Isn’t it simple and chic? Makes me want to buy one of my own and lounge around in it all day, especially come summertime.

Coco Before Chanel 5

Next, austere in a perfectly pleated blouse. Continue reading »

Jan 222015

Sale PSA: a black wrap dress from James Perse, now 50% off, a very cool (and quite honestly better looking in person) wool/alpaca blend sweater from Burberry, now under $210, and a fabulous leather/suede shoulder bag from Nina Ricci (my favorite is the fuschia color) now $560. 

Anthropologie also has an extra 40% off sale items with code EXTRAEXTRA. My picks are this adorable striped dress, perfect on a wide range of figures, now $54 after discount, a pretty and delicate flutter sleeved dress, also only $54 after discount, and some fantastic journals from Christian Lacroix, perfect for gifting or yourself, now $24 after discount. 

Today’s reader question is one that I definitely would love to hear all of your opinions on. I shared my own thoughts of course to the question posed by the lovely “C”, below.

Pretty Closet

Could you provide your thoughts on splurging on clothes? I can always spend lots on a purse or jewelry but when it comes to clothes I suddenly become “cheap”.  I guess I argue that I can use a bag many times in a month and year, but not clothes. I also feel they go out of fashion easily and am not confident about choosing non trendy items. Do you have a view on splurging more on accessories, over clothes?

 Here’s my personal view on C’s question…and then I’m really looking forward to hearing your thoughts as well.

When I think about the question and took a look at my closet, it also rings true for me that it seems way easier to splurge on accessories versus clothes. I boiled this down to a few reasons.

1. Past experience. If I look at the items that I’ve spent more than let’s say $1K on that I actually regret – most of them are clothes. Maybe it’s because I tend to go more risky with clothing choices versus accessories, where I’ll end up wanting to go with more plain/neutral/classic choices. I do know that I wish I had never spent serious money on dresses with any type of frill or cap sleeve (which took me years to realize is a cut which makes me look like a miniature linebacker). Continue reading »

Jan 182015

Sale PSA: J.Crew is having an extra 50% off final sale styles just for the day, with code 24HOURS. I’m always a bit leery of final sale, so I usually find items that aren’t actually final sale but still work with the code, such as this classic black schoolboy blazer at under $90 with the code. Elsewhere, I like this flirty Catherine Maladrino black skirt, now $65, this very pretty Alice & Olivia metallic lace dress, now more than 50% off, and a super cozy terry robe from Splendid, now under $60. 

I recently shared some of my Christmas goodies, which included an Hermes Kelly Pochette in Bleu Iris. I was really happy to add this clutch to my collection as I had been thinking about it for some time. Actually, I used to own one of these pochette bags years ago in black, but foolishly let it go (that’s a lesson from me to you – think long and hard before eliminating Hermes bags! It may be hard to add them back later on).

Anyway, I was thrilled to add this special item back to my closet and wanted to share some more about the Pochette for any of you considering this bag. I know that some of you have been requesting this post, and my apologies as I haven’t had time to put it all together before today!

Hermes Kelly Pochette Bleu

The Kelly Pochette has the same turnlock hardware as the regular Kelly, which means that there’s a wee bit of effort needed to open and close it, but you can also leave just the lock closed with the straps hanging under like you do with the regular Kelly. This is what I do.

Kelly Pochette Open

The little strap up top has some “give” and flexibility to stretch so that you can fit your hand underneath to hold by it’s top “handle”. Continue reading »

Jan 162015

Sale PSA: Adorable pajamas from Splendid, now under $60 (I just bought myself a pair to replace my flannel Gap ones), a beautiful draped racerback maxi dress from Langston with great reviews, now under $140,  this awesome, tempting and very classic black shoulder bag from Sophie Hulme, now under $350, and the much loved BP “Transit” boot (recommended by Jean), is now at 50% off – a great deal for classic tall boots!

1. I know I just said that I have too many black bags, but I recently fell in love with this beautiful Bottega Veneta tote. I’ve always admired the Cabat tote, but didn’t move fast enough on the Mini size before it was discontinued. I love the “normal” medium Cabat but it’s never completely worked for me as it’s a little too big, a little too unstructured (though I’m constantly trying to change my mind on this!).

Anyway, I recently tried on this great Bottega tote in store and I love it! It has the same great structure as the Cabat, but with a little zip pocket inside, adjustable straps to make it a tote or shoulder bag, as well as side clips to structure it. The only detail its missing is the great woven interior that the Cabat has, but I guess the compensation is that it’s around half the price.

By the way, the photo above is from Net-A-Porter, but for some reason they have the same bag priced at $4345, whereas Neiman Marcus has it at $3950.

2. On the topic of Bottega Veneta, I enjoyed this New Yorker piece on the brand’s designer Tomas Maier and his design aesthetic. What a cool dude! Continue reading »

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