Apr 252016

Sale PSA: Great summer wedge sandals in cork, now just $53 (nude and black patent are also on sale), Ray-Ban “Icon” sunglasses (these are likely my next sunnies purchase as they’re so light), now 25% off, a mini envelope crossbody bag from Sophie Hulme in fun summer shades of yellow and tan, now under $180, and an excellent pair of white platform sandals from Vince, now 30% off (the camel are 25% off here) – I’ve been eyeing both colors and can’t decide!

If you’re interested in my Gucci Marmonts (or any other Gucci shoes, like these classic loafers) – Saks has a great deal right now, for up to $275 off your purchase with code SPEND2GET. My Marmonts are $575 after the code, the lowest I’ve seen them.

I recently bought this beautiful floral Fendi Strap from the “Strap You” line (tan still available here – act fast if you’re interested), and it’s been one of my favorite spring purchases. When I first saw these straps, I have to admit that I never thought I’d be buying one – they’re quite expensive! When my friend got one, I admired it quite a bit, but the clincher was hearing that the wide strap was light and comfortable. Poof – I was done. Take my money, Fendi!

Most of the Fendi “Strap You” line is reversible, and on the plain calfskin versions (like this great blue/red one), I think you can totally take advantage of both sides equally. The floral one I have is also reversible in theory, but its clearly meant to be used flower side out.

Bolide Fendi Strap Close Up

I love my Hermes bags, but to be honest I don’t always love the straps. The Bolide and Kelly – two of my favorite bags – both have straps that I sometimes wish were a little wider (for comfort) and shorter (because duh, I’m short). The Fendi “Strap You” straps however, are perfect as shoulder straps. They run about 35 inches total, or about 15 inches as a drop from the shoulder. The straps are all quite light too, even on embellished versions like mine.

My Black Bolide is quite a serious bag – and at first I didn’t know if the bright florals would go with the bag. But it did, and makes the bag so fun! I’d been having some trouble using this Bolide in warm weather since its such a dark, heavy looking bag – but the strap lightens it right up. Continue reading »

Apr 222016

Sale PSA: A luxurious oatmeal heather cashmere poncho from Vince, now 40% off, “Icon” sunglasses from Ray-Ban, now $124 (there’s a bunch of designer sunglasses currently being price matched at Nordstrom, all here), classic black suede pumps from Jimmy Choo, now 50% off, and a ruffled bell sleeved striped dress from J.Crew (a great twist on this classic), now $70 with code SCORE. 

1. I’m always on the hunt for affordable summer sandals, and wanted to share another great option I just tried on yesterday – these simple low stacked heels.

These Lucky Brand sandals are very close to the always popular Sam Edelman Trinas (the cognac are on sale here by the way), but a bit more sleek, with a less flashy heel. I found the comfort level of these quite close to the Trinas. A great option for summer, and the sub $100 price point means you won’t feel too bad if they get kicked around during casual outings.

By the way – if you are looking for a higher end version, these Guccis are lovely and the leather is supremely soft and comfortable.

Yes I’m on a Gucci shoe kick lately – what can I say?


2. I can’t get enough articles about fuerdai – aka China’s “rich kids”. Its like watching my favorite Bravo reality shows, only the characters look more like me (aka Asian), but with way more expensive clothes and superior Mandarin!  This NY Times article’s title is explanation enough for why you should read it – My Daddy’s Rich and my Lamborghini’s Good Looking. Continue reading »

Apr 182016

Saks Friends/Family sale has begun, with up to 30% off a selection of items. Thankfully instead of a list of exclusions, Saks this time has reduced prices on all eligible items, making things easier. My picks include ripped skinny denim from FRAME, now under $140, a Rebecca Taylor off the shoulder gauze dress, now under $200, my favorite Monica Vinader “Baja” bracelet, now $280,  and leather platform espadrilles from Soludos, now under $70 (I also like these winking eye espadrilles, now $53!).

Elsewhere around the web, I’ve found a few great DVF deals. A classic long black/white striped cardigan for under $140, a delicate lace t-shirt dress for 60% off, and a zebra print silk maxi dress, now also 60% off. 

Every once in a while I’ll receive a message from a reader about a bad experience in a luxury shop – the snooty salesperson, the uncaring manager, the security guard who follows you around like a hound dog while you simply browse. Its always disappointing to hear these anecdotes – while one can find bad service at any type of store – discount to luxury – with a higher price tag usually comes some expectation of service.

I’ve written a little bit about my own great and not-so-great experiences shopping in department stores, and today I thought I’d share a few stories from two readers – Belle and Rosita – who were kind enough to relay their own experiences at luxury boutiques. Both of these women are seasoned luxury consumers, who regularly travel to and shop all over the world, so I was eager to hear their stories. I thought these shopping snippets were fascinating (and sometimes hilarious), and I hope you do too. I’d also love to hear any of your surprising customer service experiences with luxury brands!

Goyard family

Rosita’s Goyard collection

Rosita’s Story #1: Throwing Off Inventory
Store: Goyard – Printemps , Paris

In Saturday, April 18, 2015 I visited the Goyard boutique in Printemps Paris and met with the Manager Willem. I purchased two Senat PM pouches, one black, one blue. I also purchased a St. Louis PM and had it customized. I paid for these items in two separate transactions, because I was leaving with the Senat but the tote would be shipped to me in the US when completed. On Saturday evening when I was compiling my detax forms, I noticed that I was charged the same price for both the Black and the Blue Senat, whereas the Black was supposed to be €120 less that the blue. I was flying out on Sunday morning so I did not contact Willem until Monday morning from the US. Willem said, “Yes, I remember you and I did realize the mistake at the end of the day, I threw off my inventory.”

So I asked if he could credit my Amex? No, he could not. Could he send me another color one and charge me the black price? No, he could not. He did suggest I give my credit card to a friend who might be coming to Paris in the next week so he could do a credit since he needed the physical card in order to a refund. I asked if I could have a credit on account since I would be back in a few months, no, I could not, was his response. He had no resolution and acted like it was no big deal.

In October 2015, I again visited the Goyard boutique in Printemps Paris. Willem was out to lunch but when I spoke to another sales associate and told him about the experience in April, he said, “Yes, I remember, it threw off our inventory!” I asked if I could possibly have an adjustment to the St Louis GM I was about to purchase and he responded “No, that would throw off the inventory”.  I Hope you are laughing about now, because I can’t stop every time I tell this story. Continue reading »

Apr 152016

Sale PSA: A great little black cocktail dress with a fringed hem from Nicole Miller, now just $131, a classic “Solaris” Canada Goose parka, now 20% off (these will go fast so I’d buy for next fall/winter), a double sleeved silk dress by Parker, now under $200, and one of my favorite lipsticks – YSL Rouge Volupte Shine – now 10% off.

Not on sale, but I feel it is my duty to inform you that Ivy Park, Beyonce’s athleisure line, is now available – what do you all think? I expected a bit more, to be honest – I’d rather stick with Outdoor Voices, for now. 

1. From the responses and messages I received on my Gucci Marmont review, it seems like quite a few of you have been buying Gucci flats and loafers lately. As I stated, I love my Marmonts, and recently added this “Frame” style, in pink suede.

I’m not a pink person usually, and own very few items of pink clothing, but these loafers just seemed so fun and bright for summer.  I promise, the color is even prettier in real life! I think they’ll look great with white shorts, casual denim…quite versatile, and the color makes them young and fun.

2. I thought this article on three days at Baselworld, via The NY Times, was quite interesting (and I’m not even really a watch person!). Lots of good tidbits and the writer has a sense of humor, too. The new Rolex Daytona is pretty fantastic looking, in my opinion. Continue reading »

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