Aug 262015

Sale PSA: A few pretty items from around the web. Classic black leather waterproof Aquatalia boots (I love my Aquatalia boots and they’re going on five years (!) now of regular wear), now 25% off for a limited time, a gorgeous white lace tank from Alice & Olivia that you can pair with all kinds of bottoms, now 60% off (I love this dress version too, and it’s 40% off at Saks versus full price on most other sites), and a striped ruched dress from Ronny Kobo that is both sexy and preppy, now under $160. 

You may have noticed a decrease in my posting lately…I’ve been trying to do 1-2 posts a week since the baby, but it’s quite difficult! Sometimes I’m too groggy to think of topics, so if you have any requests please do let me know, I’m in dire need of some inspiration.

Today I thought I’d share a fun bag that I recently added to my closet…in a new color for me, vibrant blue! This was a sweet present from Mr. Feather  for my birthday this month, which he picked out earlier this summer, brought back home in a big wrapped box, and summarily banned me from touching. Can you imagine the torture I went through of knowing there was a something tantalizing nearby which I couldn’t open? I nearly lunged for it several times during particularly grouchy times in the last month of my pregnancy, but I’m glad I waited.

Here is the bag – a 32cm Kelly Ghillies bag in Bleu Paradis! Blue Paradise…what a perfect name for the color, right?

32 Ghillies Kelly

This color blue is really fun though quite difficult to photograph – I’d describe the color in real life as a bit darker and more vibrant than the classic Hermes “Blue Jean” color. Some regular readers can probably tell that I’m generally not a “brights” person when it comes to my accessories – the most adventurous I usually get is a nice burgundy. But when I saw this blue, I loved it! I think it’ll go well with all the other boring colors in my wardrobe, like blacks and grays and whites. Continue reading »

Aug 212015

Sale PSA: Ann Taylor is having its Friends and Family sale, for 40% everything with code FRIENDS40. I like these pretty red suede ballet flats, a very cute striped lace shoulder tee, and (my favorite of the bunch) a black embroidered midi skirt

Elsewhere around the web, I love, love(!) this silk safari romper by Haute Hippie, now 40% off, a classic leopard print sheath dress from Dolce & Gabbana, now almost 70% off, and my favorite Free People slip/tunic for layering (I wouldn’t wear it as a dress personally), now $53. 

Hello! A quick weekend update today…we passed baby Feather’s two week mark this week and now he’s apparently entered the fussy stage! I spend a lot of my free time these days on Amazon, reading reviews for swaddle blankets and searching for other baby magic tricks…anyway…

I receive requests for outerwear recommendations and reviews quite a bit, and today I wanted to share my friend’s trench that she wore to my place a few evenings ago – I was really impressed to hear that it was $150, and from Topshop!

The perfect trench varies from person to person, but I love this one because it’s a darker shade of beige (which I prefer over the lighter tones), and in person it’s fitted but can be worn open for a more casual, “slouchy” look. Recommended, at least to try, if you’re looking for an affordable trench.

2. I loved this first person column by Dominique Browning – I’m Too Old For This, via the NY Times. I printed it out and re-read it sometimes late at night when I’m stressing about dumb things. Continue reading »

Aug 182015

Sale PSA: My favorite cropped skinny jeans from AG in the perfect shade of blue, now under $125 (they run true to size), a simple wrap skort romper in black and white that you can dress up or down with the right accessories, now under $35, and a pastel Equipment shirtdress like mine below in a snakeskin print, now more than 60% off. 

LOFT is having a 40% Friends/Family event with the code SHAREIT. I’d try out this textured stripe swing dress, now $42, this pretty softened shirt with a slight trapeze silhouette, now $30, and a graphical black/white print blouson dress, now $42.  

Continuing on my cost per wear series, I thought I’d write about one of the types of clothing which I particularly utilize a lot of during the summer months – dresses. I love dresses and will totally take a dress over a top + skirt any day. I just think they’re so much easier…pop it on and you have your whole outfit! Plus I don’t think anything can beat a trapeze dress for comfort.

So, I took a look at my wardrobe and pulled out some of my most – and least worn pieces. Here we go!

Dresses 1

Lowest (best) cost per wear: Equipment, Gap, Zara dresses. I wear these types of simple shift and shirt dresses in cotton and silk several times a week at least, especially in spring/summer and early fall (the perks of living in the California!).  Because of this, dresses have to be machine washable (for my Equipment silk ones, I just wash on delicate cycle and then air dry), and comfortable to wear all day with no confining zippers, etc.

Simple, machine washable dresses in easy fabrics means that I usually end up going with less expensive brands without a lot of adornments and fancy fabrics – but of course I wear them the most! My cost per wear on some of my Gap dresses are well under $1 by now. Continue reading »

Aug 122015

Sale PSA: A simple and sleek black cotton biker jacket from Helmut Lang that works year round, now under $225, easy wide leg linen pants in a nice olive tone from Sanctuary, now under $60, and the absolute sweetest crochet Keds slip on summer flats, nice and airy for even the hottest days, now under $35 (I bought a pair! Cream is under $40 as well, here).

Thank you everybody very much for all the wonderful messages about our little baby boy. Today baby Feather is one week old! We are loving our new roles as parents, though there is a steep learning curve. I was never the kind of person who instinctively knows how to handle babies/kids, so YouTube has been a godsend (yes, I needed to search for “how to burp a baby”).

We’re still getting to a new “normal” routine (today is the first time I’ve opened my laptop since giving birth!). I get a lot of questions about items in my (small) closet, so today I thought I would share one of my favorite totes which I’m finally getting to put to use more, as a carryall for my stuff and baby’s.

I’ve always loved the Bottega Cabat bag, especially the seasonal versions that Tomas Maier creates each collection. My favorite Bottega collection ever is probably Spring/Summer 2013, which had the most beautiful clothes. The dresses, skirts, knits were all beautifully constructed and so delicate. Just look at that fringed dress.

bottega ss13 2

The accessories were also gorgeous – my favorite items were the block butterfly heels and a version of the classic Cabat with butterflies individually attached, each butterfly a different python/lizard shape and color. The butterflies were all adjustable, so you could configure them in various ways on the bag.


This particular Cabat was priced something way too scary for me to even contemplate, so I just resolved to admire from afar. A few years later, I got the chance to pick up the bag in great condition, at a much more manageable price, from a sweet lady who was selling off some of her collection to buy some even more fabulous bags. So voila! Continue reading »

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