Jun 302015

Sale PSA: a pretty and simple white fit and flare dress from Theory, currently in all sizes at 40% off, simple and very comfortable cork flat form sandals from Corso Como (I’m going to be trying these out), now under $70,  lace up cutout sueded sandals from Dolce Vita, now $133, and for those looking for a simple and elegant gown, this Halston Heritage black gown, now 55% off. 

Designer sale season is winding down, and apart from one pair of Jimmy Choos which seem to be taking the long scenic route across the country to arrive to me, I’ve pretty much received everything I ordered.

This spring I vowed to try to sit out most sales, since I really can’t tell how anything would fit on my body right now. However, a few items proved too tempting, and once I placed my first order, I thought – what the heck? – and continued along my merry way.

Unlike my Spring 2014 sale update, this time I didn’t wear any of the items myself to share with all of you. I am in the last month of my pregnancy, and a few days ago I saw myself gliding past in a store window and decided I really would like to avoid full length mirrors and photos below my neck for a while. Instead, I’m using my dress form to help out.

Now, on to my recap – starting with clothes!

Chanel Beige 15P Jacket Full

Item #1: Chanel Spring 2015 Pre-Collection jacket, 40% off. I first tried on a version of this jacket – same material but in a different cut, in the boutique. I loved the fabric since it was both soft and seemed very sturdy for a Chanel “tweed” – winner all around! However, the cut of the first jacket I tried just didn’t work for me. When the salesperson brought this version out, I was sold! It’s one of the most practical jackets I’ve seen in a while – no flashy buttons, easy to wear color and silhouette, and there’s even a zipper. Wow!

Chanel Beige 15P Jacket Details

This jacket came with a matching pencil skirt and I think the full outfit would be perfect for a workplace with a business dress code. Since that doesn’t describe my workplace, I just ordered the jacket. Continue reading »

Jun 262015

Sale PSA: Affordable sandals! First are simple platform/flatform wedge sandals from Steve Madden in a variety of colors, now 40% off/under $50, next are super comfortable Banana Republic wedge espadrilles in either natural tan or black, now $65, and finally classic black-on-black patent Jack Rogers flat sandals, now 33% off. OK and not as affordable, but I had to include these amazing amazing Manolo Blahnik cage lace up sandals in a snakeskin/suede mix, now 45% off! 

1. Do you all remember the classic Fendi Baguette? Were you all aware that it’s now back in various iterations…including the super adorable micro Baguette?

I love the “micro” bag trend, and this Fendi version is one of the best out there – adorable, tons of great colors and the price is right at just over $1K. My only issue is that this bad boy is indeed, micro. This would basically function solely as a smartphone holder for me, and only if I put it in the right way. But still it’s super cute. Any of you have one out there?

2. Did any of you participate in the earlier Lilly Pulitzer for Target madness? For some reason this completely flew past me…I kind of knew it was going no, but I’ve never been a huge Lilly purchaser (though I’ve admired a dress or two – I tend to like the plainer styles, like this white maxi). What do we all think of this article via The Washington Post – Lilly Pulitzer May Be Good For Retail, But Its Terrible Fashion? Continue reading »

Jun 232015

Today’s sale PSA: pretty items from around the web! First is a pretty embroidered silk dress from one of my favorite brands – Temperley – now $500, strappy snakeskin demi wedge sandals from Jimmy Choo (I ordered a pair to try out too), now 60% off/under $270, a super pretty fit and flare eyelet floral dress from Trina Turk (I’d love to get this if I weren’t preggers), now under $180, and the classic medium black Pandora bag from Givenchy, now close to 50% off. Enjoy! 

I always like to see what people carry with them everyday in their bag (I’m nosy like that), and since I’ve had a few reader requests to see the contents of my bag, I thought I would share some of my favorite items today.

Inside Bag

1. Comme des Garcons zip wallet. I have a few wallets/card cases that I use on and off, but this French wallet is my sturdy standby. Super easy to use, not too huge but holds everything I need, and has one of the best designed coin pouches I’ve seen. I’m still thinking of picking up an Hermes Silk In at some point just to have a fun color…but this guy really does it all.

2. LeSportsac cosmetic case. I love LeSportsac for fun little pouches – super durable, easy to clean, and they always have the coolest patterns. This triple zip from the collaboration with Olympia Le-Tan is my current favorite, the pattern makes me smile. Adorable! Holds all my cosmetics needed for the day and earphones, extra tea bags, etc.

3. Business card case. I found this particular one from Japan, but another great option is this initial version from Kate Spade, and it’s only $30. I always keep a separate card case, makes it easier to hand mine out without hauling out my huge wallet. It’s a particular preference of mine. Continue reading »

Jun 192015

Sale PSA: some designer picks – a brilliant green silk Burberry trench coat, now 40% off, forever classic wool knit v-neck sweaters from Equipment, now 60% off, and the DVF Zarita dress in a shade of delicate seafoam green, now $155. 

LOFT also currently has 40% off all items. I’m loving the dresses, including this striped easy tank dress, now $36, a sweet sleeveless gingham dress, now $42, and a floaty safari green tiered halter maxi dress, now $60. 

After my last Paris shopping guide on Hermes, I received requests to do various other editions, including quite a few for Chanel. Since I’m currently unable to travel myself (so frustrating when you’re suffering from some serious wanderlust as I am right now), I thought I would put together some travel shopping posts for those lucky enough to be traveling.

So without further ado, my Paris shopping guide, for Chanel!

1. Get ready for a crowd. My experience is largely limited to the St Honore, Cambon and Montaigne locations (which I listed in order of personal preference by the way), but I imagine they’re all quite similar – aka stuffed to the gills with eager purchasers to be. I’ve always found Montaigne to be the worst for some reason – I’ve always entered and turned around and gone right out. Never have completed a purchase (Alaia is just a short stroll away though, enjoy!).

Anyway, get ready for some jostling and limited seating space, and possibly a queue. This isn’t always the case, and I hope that when you go, you’ll stroll right in, get a wonderful sales person, and have a memorable experience. I’d say that’s been what I’ve found maybe 50% of the time (it helps to go during off season). But otherwise….be prepared.


2. Have a list ready. Chanel isn’t like Hermes, where rightfully so or not, it may feel like just breathing the wrong way will earn you the dreaded words “not in stock” while your exact requested item sits in some dungeon stockroom awaiting a more civilized purchaser. In my experience, you don’t need to worry about that with Chanel. If the store has an item in stock, it will generally sell it to you (fascinating concept, no?). So if you want a Chanel Boy, in a very specific color and size? Let the salesperson know right away, along with anything else. Continue reading »

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