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Sale PSA: Classic Ray-Ban polarized aviators, now 25% off, a chic tricot cardigan from Moncler, now 40% off, a pretty lame midi skirt from Vince, now under $150, and a pretty embroidered dress from Alice & Olivia, now under $200. 

Today I’m sharing some recent favorites that I’ve tried out and enjoyed.

Everlane Street Shoes in black/white check. These are only $58 (!!) and besides being like 1/11th the cost of the Prada sandals (my God that’s a scary calculation) below, they are so chic AND for some reason women and men alike love them. I can’t tell you the number of compliments I’ve gotten on these shoes!  The fact that they have a black sole makes them more impervious to dirt, unlike the regular solid leather street shoes (which are some of my favorite shoes still).

Prada platform sandals. Warning: these are repellant to husbands. Especially when they find out the price. But really comfortable so really there’s no choice. I sized up one size larger because of reviews, then had to go back to my true size because they’re wide. Just FYI.

J.Crew camo tote. I have a tote bag hoarding problem and have them everywhere. They’re just so useful!

Madewell demi boots. These are my current favorite jeans (I wore them in my Halzan review earlier, which is where the photo above is from). I love everything about them – the rise, the color, the asymmetric hem, the fit, and the stretch. Perfection. I paid full price too (grouchily) because these are never eligible for codes.

Note that I also like these J.Crew demi boots, and have a pair, but they run about 1/2 a size smaller than the Madewells, so keep in mind when ordering. The petite fit great on me.  And sadly no denim usually “fits great” on me, not without alterations.

Linen dresses – I try to avoid linking to items that are sold out, but I hope this comes back in stock so some of you can snag it. I really love this Moon River midi drawstring dress I picked up – a great spring dress, super easy and breezy, and you can wear a bra underneath. Bookmark it if you like.

The same goes for this ASOS maxi dress (though this seems to be coming in and out of stock more frequently). Super easy and breezy. Great price, too!

On the beauty side:

Grandelash MD: I finally got the OK from my OB to use this as baby has started eating more and more solids and breastfeeding less (apparently some serums aren’t recommended for breastfeeding mothers). Actually I’m pretty sure my OB would have been OK for me to use this from the start, but she veers on the edge of safety when it comes to hysterical mothers, so. I’ve been using it for a few weeks and I’ve already started seeing results! Yeah! I’ve already bought another tube (though I think I have plenty left in my first one, just hoarder tendencies).

Burt’s Bees Tinted Balm. I really like lip products but I can’t help but feel stupid when I whip out a lipstick and reapply in the middle of chasing my son at the playground. It feels unsettling. I recently bought one of these in line at Whole Foods and have been very happy with it. Just the right tint of color. It’s funny, I think I had bought one of these years back but maybe they reformulated, or maybe I just have a soft spot for $5 lip balms now.

What have you bought recently and enjoyed? I would love to see some of your summer dress and sandal options (I know it’s only February).

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    February 12, 2018 at 9:02 am

    Love the shoes. Ordered.

  • Reply
    February 12, 2018 at 9:02 pm

    Love your Prada platform sandals!

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    February 13, 2018 at 12:06 am

    Which Burt’s Bees color balm did you buy? I like the Red Dahlia. I also like the Merlot color by Chapstick! Chapstick finally made tinted lip balms! They are not as sheer as the Burt’s Bees ones.

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    February 13, 2018 at 12:12 pm

    Cute shoes! I didn’t know Everlane made patterned/colorful options, haha. I have their modern point flats, which I love the look of but they tend to pinch my toes from the pointy end. Hopefully the street shoes aren’t like that.

    For summer, I haven’t started shopping yet, but on my wishlist is the Silk V-Neck dress from Grana.

    Burt’s Bees is great! Carmex is my favorite chapstick (it’s the most moisturizing imo), but they don’t have a tinted option yet. Until then, I switch between Burt’s and Carmex.

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