Weekend Update

Sale PSA: Gray velvet Joie Park skinny pants, now 40% off (these were almost entirely sold out during the Anniversary Sale and now are back in almost all sizes, which unfortunately I’ve seen happen with quite a few Anni. Sale items), cuffed denim shorts from 7FAMK, now under $70 (I’ve had my pair for literally seven years now and still wear them each summer), and a chic gray wool coat from Isabel Marant, now just $350 (remember when Isabel Marant used to almost entirely sell out at full price every season)? 

1. This week, sharing this very chic Topshop dress.

I’ve seen this dress in the store and it’s a very soft, gorgeous material that looks way more expensive than it is. I love the sleeves and the way it’s designed to wrap with the slit. A great addition for anyone looking to add a little black dress to their wardrobe.

2. A fascinating article, via Vulture, about the culture of Young Adult (YA) Twitter. Did you have any idea about this? I don’t read too much Young Adult, so am quite out of the loop.

3. A fabulous series of articles I’ve been enjoying from The Atlantic – read every single one if you have the time! The Business of Creativity.

4. A good article to bookmark and reference for the future, via The NY Times – How To Take Care of Your Clothes. Am I the only one who thinks of John/Dorinda from RHONY now when I read Madame Paulette? Yes?

5. This week, I finished the truly excellent People Who Eat Darkness, by Richard Lloyd Parry.

Darkness tells the story of Lucie Blackman, a young British girl who disappeared while working in Tokyo, and what happened to her. That’s a very rudimentary description, as it covers so much more than that – the culture of crime in Japan, the “water trade,” and more.  I tore through this book in just a few days, which is rare for me nowadays as it means I’m deliberately delaying my bedtime! One of my favorites so far of the year, and a must for any true crime lover. Parry writes beautifully and I enjoyed this as much as I would any fiction crime novel. And, I love the title. People Who Eat Darkness – highly recommended.

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  • Sarah
    September 2, 2017 at 1:21 pm

    I love the link to how to take care of your clothes! Really useful – thank you. I never use dryers