Weekend Update

1. Some of you may know I have a thing for little wallets on chains – I’m always on the look outs for nice options, and recently discovered this version, by Chloe.

For some reason, I never was super drawn by the original Faye bag, but these mini versions are another thing – I love them. I would totally buy this black one if I actually still went out at night, it’s the perfect “going out” bag and I love the hardware detail, and also the fact that the strap is adjustable (part of the reason why I don’t use my original Chanel WOC that much – strap too long). Nicely priced too, and available in tons of colors.

2. I love following Cannes fashion – it’s always so fun (but I like looking at actual movie stars usually, instead of models and whatever else). Two fun articles, via The Hollywood Reporter – one on what it takes to get Kirsten Dunst ready for Cannes, and another on Hollywood stylists favorite Cannes looks.

3. An interesting article I just finished via NY Mag – The Emancipation of the MILF. I thought it made some really great points, especially on the perception of the same behavior in male vs. female. What do we all think?

4. A fascinating story via The Atlantic which has been making the rounds, My Family’s Slave. And an accompanying piece, via The New Yorker, about the sacrifices of an immigrant caregiver.

5. This week I finished Election, by Tom Perrotta.

Tom Perrotta is one of my favorite authors, and Reese Witherspoon will always be Tracy Flick to me (I mean that as the highest compliment, so it’s a wonder I didn’t get around to reading Election sooner. And of course, it didn’t disappoint. Funny, dark, sometimes touching, and of course well written – highly recommended, especially if you’ve seen and enjoyed the movie (and if you haven’t watched it – check it out too!).

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    Amy C
    May 19, 2017 at 9:41 pm

    Katherine, I am having such difficulty finding a “true red” (by which I mean, blue-red) small crossbody. I landed on the Gucci Disco as Gucci does a fabulous red, but am now wondering…..should I get the small red flap for a bit more? This little Chloe is also a consideration… but I haven’t seen it in person! I have to admit that, as cute as the Drew is, and as great as Chloe’s aesthetic right now, I tend to prefer “classic” looks that won’t be outdated within 5 years. I am wondering if current Chloe styles will stand the test of time, but at this price point, it might be worth a try. I know you have the Gucci Disco and love it!

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    May 24, 2017 at 2:23 am

    I kept seeing the MILF article on NYMag’s side bar but ignored it until now that you’ve recommended it. I’ve been thinking to myself lately that I like to “hunt and fish” and even if I were to settle down, I’d probably have a wandering eye. I think for me it’s related to all the achievement conditioning–get into a good school, get good grades, get the right job in the right company, etc. Also, I think it shares the same reason with my window shopping hobby as stupid as that sounds. Even though I’m happy with what I have, I have a tendency at the very least to be vigilant and aware and at worst to be covetous and unsatisfied. There’s always something bigger and better, and you should definitely go after it. The idea of settling down and being happy–what?!
    PS. I love Tracy Flick for obvious reasons 🙂

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