Weekend Update

Sale PSA: A pretty flounced gingham dress from Marissa Webb, now under $180, velvet booties from Steve Madden, now under $60 in a variety of luscious colors (an easy way to try out this trend for next year without splurging), a lovely printed wrap dress with slits from Halston Heritage, now $225, and a leather side tab sweater dress from Lafayette 148, now 60% off (I’d personally get this altered a few inches shorter, think it’d be a great sleek option). 

1. Those looking for an easy summer shoe – I’d recommend checking out  these excellent mules, from Mercedes Castillo.

I’ve wanted some heeled mules for a while but I have a problem with many of the styles – I feel like too much of the back of my foot is exposed without support, and the shoe keeps feeling like it’s going to fall off. The angled leather of these holds your foot quite nicely, and the leather looks soft and comfortable. The height is also walkable, and I love the slight architectural look to the shoe. Plus, the price isn’t bad at all! Please share if you have experiences with this brand.

I also found these shoes at Nordstrom, but with a higher heel. I need the middle height!

2. The NY Times covers a secret of many 20 year olds – their parents help with the rent. What do you think? This is common in our area, where rents are incredibly high.

3. I really enjoyed this piece via the WSJ, about the Rise and Fall of a K Street Renegade. Goes into detail about the lobbying process, which is one I’m always fascinated by. I’d love to read a good fiction thriller about a lobbyist. Any recommendations?

4. An interesting article via The Daily Mail from the designer behind the label Issa (remember them?) about how and why their label went bankrupt. The Mail used to be my daily pleasure but lately I haven’t been visiting it as much because I prefer not to see Piers Morgan smiling mug every day. The piece is heavy on the gossip and a little light on the reporting (but hey it’s the Mail), but still worth a quick read.

5. This week I finished The Golden Compass, by Philip Pullman.

I’m not normally a young adult or fantasy reader, but this had been on my reading pile for what seems like years, so I finally decided to give it a shot. And to my surprise, I actually read it all the way through! I’d categorize The Golden Compass as similar in tone to the Narnia series/Lord of the Rings, but definitely engaging enough for adults. Very well written and if you’re a fan of fantasy (or just love young adult), I’d give the series a try.

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