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November 2016


Holiday Wishlist – 2016

Today I’m sharing with you some of my ever so long holiday wishlist for 2016. I did some sale shopping after Thanksgiving, but after baby, my list has become considerably less exciting…Roomba! Amazon lightning deals on Mustela! Melissa & Doug everything!

I’m still waiting to snag a few of my most coveted items….I’d love to hear what’s top on your lists, this year!


1. Theory Clairene coat, $595. I have been stalking this coat for ages, waiting for it to go on sale….only for it stay full price and for my size to sell out. What gives? I just love how easy this coat is, the shorter length, the soft material, the fact that there are no buttons or closures. It’s like a more sharp, chic version of a circle cardigan. Crossing my fingers it at least comes back in stock.


2. Buly 1803 Pomade, $50. This one is really all about the packaging. I have so many hand creams that I really should not buy anymore, but I’m only semi ashamed to admit that I’d just love how this would look on my nightstand. I also love this handle comb for the same reason (including the little felt carrying case), although the description is a little precious. Special acetate invented in the 19th century? Does this mean plastic? Continue Reading


Thanksgiving Sale Update – 2016

Hi everybody – happy early Thanksgiving (for those celebrating!). Designer sales have sprung early this year, so here are some of my selections – I will try to update throughout the week! First up – Nordstrom. In my opinion,…


How Do You Plan?

Halfway through this year, I switched to a paper planner. I used to be a paper planner girl all the way, but switched to my phone a few years ago (this may have been partially fueled by the mini…


Weekend Update

1. For those looking for a great winter boot, this Aquatalia pair is one of the best I’ve seen in a while. Obviously others think so too, as I haven’t been able to find my size!     Perfect…


Wearing Lately – Uniqlo

Lately, I’ve been obsessed with Uniqlo. Forget H&M, Zara, Forever 21 – for inexpensive basics, I’ve been heading straight to Uniqlo. This is not a sponsored post by the way – I just realized that I’ve been placing so…


Weekend Update

1. For Gucci shoe fans, I wanted to share a great loafer option I recently came across, the Kings slingback mule. This slingback is a great option for those who have always wanted the Princetowns, but worry about the…


Beauty Favorites – Fall 2016

Today I’m sharing some recent beauty favorites. I’d love to hear yours, especially as the Sephora sale is getting underway! I’ve been on a makeup kick lately, and welcome new beauty recommendations! Chanel Rouge Allure Color Shine: I have…