Weekend Update

1. For those looking for a wonderfully cozy sweater to wear when it gets colder, at a fantastic price, look no further than this adorable sweater, from Gibson.

This sweater is $54. Yes, $54! I love the adjustable neckline, the soft fleece material, and the vented hem that makes it a great piece for layering. I have a ton of expensive sweaters and outerwear that I’m just waiting for sale time for (and even then they might be too much), so it’s always refreshing to come across something like this, that you’ll actually wear, and at such a nice price. It comes in a bunch of great neutral colors, too.

2. A nice little feature from some time ago, via The NY Times, about How To Be A Better Person.

3. An interesting fashion piece from The Guardian about How Van’s Became The New Sam Smiths. You know, I bought a pair of Van’s about three weeks ago (this exact pair, in fact), thinking that I just liked them, but now I realize I’ve just been following the herd like a good little sheep. But, they’re quite comfortable! (and cheap).

4. Have you ever purchased a celebrity fronted perfume? I can’t say that I have (but I have plenty of other embarrassing fragrance purchases in my past, like the complete set of Country Apple from Bath and Body Works). An interesting piece via Racked, about The Curious Staying Power of Britney’s Perfume Empire (they’re talking about Spears).

5. I recently finished a very good book, The Expatriates, by Janice Y.K. Lee.


The Expatriates is about a group of women who are, yes, expatriates in Hong Kong, and how they relate to each other as friends, mothers, and acquaintances.  This was a well written (Lee is clearly a talented writer) and also quite an easy and interesting read – always a good combination! One note that this more of a melancholy book, and not a thriller. But if you like female driven fiction and if you have an interest in expatriate life in Hong Kong – highly recommend.

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  • Mercy
    October 30, 2016 at 11:54 pm

    These seem like good reads. Can you please share me some tips on how to find time to read a book after a baby? It seems that picking up a book after children has completely stayed in my past 🙂 Seriously, I wish I can start into reading again, I would surely get the last book you recommend.

    • Katherine
      October 31, 2016 at 7:42 am

      Hi Mercy! I love to read so I do it every night before sleeping…even at the expense of sleep which is hard, I know. Try to carve out some time at the end of the day if possible!

  • Ammu
    November 6, 2016 at 12:44 am

    As a newly-arrived expatriate in Hong Kong, I am very curious to read that novel 🙂 thanks for the recommendation!