Weekend Update

1. When I saw this photo as I was browsing the Nordstrom site, I was immediately drawn to the shoes below. These beautiful lace up heels…not too high…gorgeous…and could they be navy? I had to go through quite a bit of searching to find them, too. Do you know how much I was hoping and praying that these would be Sam Edelman, or Vince Camuto , or some other decently priced brand?

Of course, nope, they are Jimmy Choo and $900. Such is my life. They’re on my wishlist for sure, although sizes seem to already be going. I love everything about them – they’d look great with both pants and dresses – and they even look pretty comfortable. Crossing my fingers to the sale gods on this one!

PS: I just realized, also available at Neiman Marcus in a full size run.

2. I must be going through some sort of Real Housewives withdrawal, because I somehow came across this piece about going on a bus tour with the RHONY (did you know they had these), via The NY Times. Interesting and funny reading for fans of the series.

3. Normally I don’t post articles unless I really found them interesting and enjoyable, but I wanted to get your thoughts on this piece via QZ – Ultimate Efficiency Hack: Have Kids. While I understand the author’s intent and admit that I’ve become much more efficient since having baby Feather, I still find articles like this annoying in assuming that people without kids can’t for some reason be very efficient, part of the whole “sanctity of parenthood” thing.  I know plenty of extremely efficient people without kids, and lots of lazy moms and dads (me, ha). What do you think?


4. Did you know that Hermes opened a pop up shop inside of a Nordstrom store, in Seattle? More details on the shop and how it came about, via this piece by Racked.

5. A long but interesting piece via The Guardian, about the continuing survival of the luxury watch business. Do you have a smartwatch and if so, will you still buy “regular” luxury watches? I think I will, but technology proves me wrong about a lot of things down the line.

5. I’m in the middle of a few books right now, but this week I wanted to share one of my favorite “dumb comedies” that some of you may have missed – Popstar: Never Stop Stopping.


I actually watched this when it first came out in theaters (I’m actively plotting my second crime against Mr. Feather, which will be Bridget Jones’ Baby) and thought it was hilarious. Sure it has a few potty humor moments – and the first half if I’m being honest, is a lot funnier than the second – but it remains one of the funniest movies I’ve seen this year, one of those I can always just have on in the background and don’t mind re-watching. I recommend Popstar if you liked faux documentaries, have a juvenile sense of humor (like yours truly) and secretly follow the career of Justin Bieber. You can watch the trailer by the way, here.

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  • Marta
    October 21, 2016 at 7:50 am

    Those shoes are gorgeous! But yeah the price is something that can make our smiles into frowns. And I completely agree with you when it comes to that article.

  • Adguru101
    October 21, 2016 at 3:08 pm

    Haha, I clipped the exact same page from the Nordstrom catalog! Not for the shoes, though, which are too young/too high for me, but because I loved the pin combo on the jacket. And then, when I tried to find the velvet jacket, it didn’t exist anywhere on the Nordstrom Web site. Oh well!

  • kwp
    October 30, 2016 at 11:03 am

    I can’t believe there’s an Hermes pop up in Nordstrom Seattle. Sounds like fun and I think I need to go 🙂 Thank you from someone childless and yet efficient 😉