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October 2016

Closet 101 Style

Handbag Open House – Volume One

I’ve realized that the vast majority of questions I receive are about handbags – buying advice, questions, and so on. I thought I’d do a little post today answering the most common questions in a more conversational format, and we could make this a fun thing where you could add any additional questions/insights in the comments. If there are enough follow up questions through comments/email, I’ll do additional posts!

I want a Birkin/Kelly/Constance bag! How do I get one?

Head straight to your local Hermes stores and ask for one. The luxury business is struggling, and now is a fabulous time if you’re in the market – supply is high, demand is softer. Don’t be obnoxious, but make your interest clear, and while there, check out some of the other beautiful goodies too. You don’t need to buy anything you don’t want to, and I’d stay away from salespeople who hint that you do, and are too forceful about it. Hopefully you’ll find some other gorgeous Hermes items you want anyway (shouldn’t be hard), and you’ll start a great relationship.

PS: I’ve personally heard of at least one Constance bag being found at a duty free shop lately – so it never checks to ask when flying!

I want a special order bag! How do I do it?

Ask your salesperson, but you should have established some kind of relationship with them. Special orders are like most truly excellent things in life – you have to wait a bit to get one (unless you’re a Russian oil billionaire, then place a few furniture orders, and proceed directly to GO).

Should I go to Paris?

Yes. My goodness, yes. The prices are so good there right now. And it’s Paris. There’s a queue system in place at FSH. If you need more advice, I highly recommend reading this thread, on The Purse Forum. Continue Reading


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