Weekend Update

1. I’m a huge sucker for parkas of any kind, and am very happy that we are now just entering the beginning of parka weather here in the Bay Area. I saw this particularly nice one the other day, so thought I’d share – from Alice & Olivia – and it’s on sale, for 40% off!

I like this parka because it’s one of the few I’ve seen which can be worn both casually and with a more dressy outfit, due to the slight sheen of the coated fabric and it’s slim shape and lovely collar (which is removable). It’d be great to pack on a trip! I have too many parkas to start wearing myself, including some brand new ones, otherwise I’d be adding this to my closet.

Raf Dior

2. An insightful piece by Suzy Menkes, via Vogue UK on Why Fashion is Crashing – citing the grueling work schedules and increasing demands on designers as some of the reasons why so many bright talents are stepping away from seemingly plum jobs at top design houses.

3. An article from several years back which I recently found, from one of my favorite fashion reporters Christina Brinkley – To Dress Well, A Woman Should Shop Like a Man – with some interesting insights into what the opposite genders can learn from the other’s shopping habits.

4. To my bad reality TV fellow fans only (more cultured readers please avert your eyes) – the new Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 6 trailer has been released!

5. I’ve read quite a bit of fiction lately, so this week I’m just getting started on what I can already tell is going to be an addicting non fiction read, Diana Henriques’ The Wizard of Lies – a deep dive into the history of Bernie Madoff’s career, and how he ultimately came to pull of the biggest Ponzi scheme in history.


It’s been quite a few years since Madoff, and I’d forgotten just how staggering his crime was – $50 billion! – and how highly he was regarded in the financial world before his ultimate fall. I’m about 20% in (according to my Kindle) and I already can’t put it down. I highly recommend The Wizard of Lies to anyone interested in a good non fiction read about Wall Street and an ordinary (or perhaps extraordinary) man was able to pull off such a scheme for so many years.

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