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August 2015


Life After Baby

Today I wanted to share some updates about life with a newborn, the birth process and general thoughts. I promise that this won’t turn into a mommy blog by the way – there are so many superior ones out there with great material! So please indulge me as I promise it won’t be very often….here are some of my thoughts and discoveries, good and bad, that I can share after the arrival of baby.


Three weeks old

I wasn’t prepared for the physical recovery after childbirth. When I was pregnant, especially in the third trimester, I really looked forward to the day that baby popped out. I thought that I would feel so much better at that point, more free and light. I didn’t really think about how I might feel during or after labor…except that I thought I “might” try to go without an epidural (spoiler: I went through 9 hours of painful labor before yelling for the drugs. It was like hell and heaven.).

What I didn’t realize was that I would feel pretty bad after giving birth too…like really bad, especially for the first week or two. I popped out a seven pound, nine ounce boy…yet when I left the hospital, I had only lost four pounds? WHAT? The first time I looked in a mirror I couldn’t really recognize myself…my face was swollen, and one of my eyes had a bunch of burst blood vessels because I had pushed so hard. I felt like I had been beat up. That, combined with the craziness of a new baby, really threw me for a while. I wish I had known more about what to expect after childbirth, so I would have been more mentally prepared. It wouldn’t have seemed so scary or been such a shock. Continue Reading


Hermes Ghillies Kelly – Blue Paradise

You may have noticed a decrease in my posting lately…I’ve been trying to do 1-2 posts a week since the baby, but it’s quite difficult! Sometimes I’m too groggy to think of topics, so if you have any requests…


Weekend Update

Hello! A quick weekend update today…we passed baby Feather’s two week mark this week and now he’s apparently entered the fussy stage! I spend a lot of my free time these days on Amazon, reading reviews for swaddle blankets…

Closet 101 Style

Cost Per Wear Review: Dress Edition

Continuing on my cost per wear series, I thought I’d write about one of the types of clothing which I particularly utilize a lot of during the summer months – dresses. I love dresses and will totally take a dress over a…


My Bottega Veneta Cabat

Thank you everybody very much for all the wonderful messages about our little baby boy. Today baby Feather is one week old! We are loving our new roles as parents, though there is a steep learning curve. I was never…


Be Back Soon

I wanted to share with you all our wonderful new addition to the family…! I gave birth earlier this week and we took our son home yesterday. Thanks for all the messages, kind words and advice about being a…

Closet 101 Interview Style

Interview with Teri Agins

Today’s post is an interview with one of my favorite fashion journalists and writers  – Teri Agins. Teri is one of the most respected reporters covering the fashion business, an author of several books about the industry, and a featured byline…