Weekend Update

Sale PSA: A pretty laser cut embroidered dress for summer from Saylor in both black and cream, now 30% off, the original classic Hunter rainboots in an array of colors, currently 30% off for a limited time, the classic Burberry quilted jacket in cream and red options, also 30% off for a limited time, and for those looking for a light parka option for spring, I like this soft anorak from Ali Ro, now under $200 with code FRNFAM. 

1. Lately I’ve been feeling increasingly like a human moving tent. Maybe that’s why I’ve been buying more lipsticks…an easy way to feel prettier without the possibility of ripping a seam in a dressing room. As much as I like beauty products however, I don’t really follow all the new releases, and as a result some really cool ones come and go before I ever have a chance to check them out.

Last week as I was walking through Nordstrom however, I happened to see some of these Isabel & Ruben Toledo for MAC lipsticks and fell in love. I have always adored Isabel Toledo and have just one item of her design (a dress) which I’ll keep and treasure for life. By the way – the color I bought was Victoriana, a nice medium cool toned matte red.

2. I saved this article from the Wall Street Journal a while back – Revenge of the Anti It Bag. I was surprised to see the Hermes Kelly in there honestly – it’s one of my favorite bags but probably quite exposed by now. What do we think? By the way, the link I included goes to the Google Search – just click the WSJ link. Sorry, but the only way to get around a paywall if you don’t subscribe.

Published Credit: Jamie Chung for The Wall Street Journal, Soft Goods Styling by Alejandra Sarmiento

Published Credit: Jamie Chung for The Wall Street Journal, Soft Goods Styling by Alejandra Sarmiento

3. For jewelry fans, I really enjoyed this article from The Telegraph – How To Build A Fine Jewelry Collection. Some great viewpoints from various experts involved in the industry. I love jewelry myself and always welcome learning new perspectives as mistakes can be costly otherwise!

4. This week’s reading is a re-read for me – Alias Grace, by Margaret Atwood.

Alias Grace


As some of you might know, I always enjoy at good Margaret Atwood read and Alias Grace is one I hadn’t read for years. It’s a bit of a “murder mystery” where you already know the killers, and enough time had elapsed from when I first read it, that I had forgotten significant portions of the plot. That made it really enjoyable for me to read again. A recommended read for any fans of historical fiction (it’s based on one of the most notorious murders in North America in the 19th century).

I wish you a wonderful weekend!

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  • S
    April 25, 2015 at 6:24 pm

    Hi , Katherine, Enjoyed the post. I looked up the brands mentioned in the anti-it bag article so your post made for some interesting reading! Thanks so much. Have a great weekend!

  • Oonagh
    April 26, 2015 at 7:21 pm

    That bag from the Row in the WSJ article is a copy of the Hermes Jypsiere, minus the front strap.

  • Whitney Farris
    April 27, 2015 at 7:23 am

    I have bags one and two. I think both of them are very exposed now. Although, where I live nobody has any of the above bags. They probably have no idea what a Kelly is. I live in a very very small town. It can work for you and also against you!